Words: Jaymie Hooper

Most pregnant women will tell you all about how they can’t have soft cheese anymore and that they’re not sure how to function without a glass of red on a Friday night. While it’s important to remember that what you eat, your baby eats, it’s equally important to remember that what you rub on your face before bed can affect your little one too – no matter if they’re still growing inside or breastfeeding. An easy way to eliminate the risk of passing harmful toxins onto your child is by swapping your chemical-laden beauty spoils for organic alternatives. Rossana Sotos, founder of organic beauty mecca I Am Natural Store, cautions that certain products can penetrate the skin and pass through the bloodstream onto your bub. “Using 100 per cent natural or certified organic products will limit your exposure to these chemicals, and ensure you’re operating at your optimum performance inside and out,” she says. Thinking of making the switch to organic? Here's our ultimate guide.

Birthed in the idyllic fields of South Australia, Jurlique is Australia’s go-to brand when it comes to organic skincare. You’ll be hard-pressed finding any chemical nasties in their products, since every ingredient is sourced from a certified biodynamic farm in Adelaide Hills. Rather than producing synthetic chemical compounds, Jurlique unlocks the restorative powers of botanicals and herbs to deliver a lush, results-driven range. The Rosewater Balancing Mist has become a cult favourite among beauty buffs for its hydrating powers and refreshing fragrance, while the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum combats the signs of ageing with a surge of antioxidants and Persian silk.

MV Organic Skincare
When a fresh-faced belle like Rosie Huntington-Whitely swears by a brand you know you’re onto a good thing. Founded by Sharon McGlinchey, MV features a collection of gentle but potent formulas to provide a luxe and nourishing skincare experience. Originally developed for sufferers of eczema and rosacea, MV opts for fewer ingredients with higher concentrations of soothing organic oils and extracts – which makes it a dream come true for you sensitive types. Invest in the Pure Jojoba Oil during winter to keep moisture levels on the rise and detoxify a congested complexion with the magical Energizing 9 Oil Skin Tonic.

Grown Alchemist
You might have seen these chic amber bottles floating around your Instagram feed lately, and if you add these divine elixirs to your beauty stash, you’ll no longer need a filter for your selfies. Grown Alchemist believes in sourcing the purest natural and organic ingredients for its range of skin, body and hair care, so it’s a godsend for health-conscious mothers and mums-to-be. Each product harnesses the powers of antioxidants, moisture-boosting compounds like hyaluronic acid and natural exfoliators to plump and revitalise the skin. Get that collagen going with the Facial Exfoliant and swap your sulphate-ridden shampoo and conditioner for the heavenly Damask Rose hair range instead.

100% Pure
Derived entirely from essential oils, natural extracts and fruits, 100% Pure cosmetics and skincare are completely free of synthetic chemicals, preservatives and artificial compounds – which means they’re almost good enough to eat. Originally hailing from the US, this animal and vegan friendly brand steers clear of cheap fillers and emulsifiers to ensure it gets a mighty thumbs up from consumers. In case you weren’t already impressed, since every product is enriched with plant and fruit extracts, each application of the Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturiser or Cocoa Kona Coffee Nourishing Body Cream infuses your skin with potent antioxidants to fight free radical damage.

Vanessa Megan
Inspired by the phrase “You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat,” Aussie gal Vanessa Megan Gray gave her bathroom a major detox and rid her vanity of nasty parabens, mineral oils and PEGs. She then set off to help the rest of the world fall in love with all things natural and organic with her namesake label, Vanessa Megan. Full of luxe essential oils, vitamin-rich plant extracts and superstar products like the Birth Ease Labour Spray and gorgeous Body Beautiful Oil, this up-and-coming range is one to watch.

Ere Perez
What started with an organic almond oil mascara soon blossomed into one of Australia’s only natural makeup brands. Cherished by women who spent eons searching for cosmetics that not only cover up flaws, but help prevent them, too, Ere Perez is a lust-worthy collection of powders, shimmer creams and lipsticks. Each natural oil, plant extract and mineral formula is blended with a mix of antioxidants to protect the skin and highlight your natural beauty. The famous Natural Almond Oil Mascara is a smudge-proof classic that strengthens lashes and wakes up the eyes, while the Pure Rice Powder Bronzer gives tired mums a sun-kissed glow.

Mini Organics
When reading the ingredients of your moisturiser is an exercise in deciphering petrochemicals and synthetic colours, it’s not going to be so great for your skin – let alone your baby’s. Enter the folks at Mini Organics who take caring for your little one seriously. Their certified organic range is chock-full of natural oils and butters to nurture young skin, and there are a few goodies for the mums, too. Cleanse bub’s body and hair with the detergent-free Gentle Baby Wash and soothe rashes with the moisture-rich Protective Nappy Balm. If you’re a little (or a lot) sore from breast-feeding, dab on some Soothing Nipple Balm for a hit of healing Vitamin E and calendula oil.

KORA Organics
What goes on your skin soaks in according to Miranda Kerr, which is why her KORA Organics range is infused with active natural ingredients like noni fruit and sea buckthorn to keep you looking revitalised. Not only will these luxe aqua bottles make a pretty addition to your nightstand, their fruity smelling formulas and herbal extracts will delight your senses and detoxify your skin. For a rejuvenating treatment, apply the Calming Lavender Mist to a freshly-cleansed face and massage in a few drops of the Luxurious Rosehip Oil to reduce stress and dryness.

GAIA Skin Naturals
Looking for a stretchmark remedy to rub on your tum or a nourishing oil to treat bub’s flaky scalp? GAIA Skin Naturals, created by mum-of-three Michelle Vogrinec, is the perfect blend of organic botanicals to soothe skincare woes and protect against dryness. Specifically formulated for thin, sensitive skin, these super gentle products are free of irritants and artificial fragrances. The Baby Shampoo will banish cradle cap with a mix of antibacterial sweet orange and softening evening primrose, whilst the iconic Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter will boost skin elasticity thanks to rosehip oil and pure cocoa butter.