The Edit: Chic Candles

So chic, so sophisticated and so indulgent – what’s not to love about a luxurious scented candle? Gone are the days of a simple, no-name pillar candle burning in a plain votive. More often than not they’re beautifully packaged and come with a romantic story, which lures us in even more.

Take for example, Maison Balzac’s newly released 1642 perfumed candle. The result of a collaboration with Sydney based artist and florist Doctor Lisa Cooper it pays homage to 17th Century Vanitas. According to the brand, “it awakens the perfumes of Adriaen Van Utrecht’s painting from the year 1642, Vanitas – Still Life with Bouquet and Skull, as an inquiry into the olfactory experience of viewing the image through alternative senses”. It’s a lot to think about when you next light a candle, but alluring all the same. Master/Slave has released a beautiful Sohum wood wick candle, an alternative to cotton wicked candles, and its “organic cedar wick makes a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of an open fire”.

Then there’s the ubiquitous Diptyque. It makes an appearance in most of our stylish mothers' homes, and not wanting to waste such a beautiful vessel, often doubles as a vase or pencil holder once the candle has burnt. Baies, Rose and Figuier are often the scents of choice. It’s also hard to go past the king of candle makers, Cire Trudon, which was founded in 1643. The oldest wax-producing label in the world, it has an impressive pedigree thanks to providing the royal court of Louis XIV and notable churches of France. The Trianon candle is one of our favourites, “The picking of hyacinth, roses, white flowers, wild herbs from the meadows reminds us of the country life dreams of Marie Antoinette. This scent is a homage to the Queen of taste, who inspired so many candles of Maison Cire Trudon.”

So next time you light a candle, let your imagination run wild and enjoy an open fire in the great outdoors, appreciate 17th century art, pick flowers with Marie Antoinette, or simply enjoy an indulgent moment in the tub at home.

Words: Georgia Macmillan Image: Paul Mason Pictured: Maison Balzac candles and hand and body cream.