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10 Easy Wardrobe Updaters

If you’re feeling like your wardrobe is in desperate need of a new-season overhaul, don’t think you need to start from scratch...

Small accessories and updated wardrobe basics can make all the difference when it comes to creating a truly personal look. Something as simple as a fresh white tee or new hair accessory can help freshen up your existing pieces without committing too much cash or time. Here are our top 10 instant updaters. Editor: Marisa Remond

Add Something To Your Hair

If the return of the scrunchie isn’t your thing (good call), then why not opt for a more feminine option. The secret to adding a bow to your hair and not looking like a five-year-old is all in the placement. We suggest a chic, low ponytail with a slight tousle.

Freshen Up Your White Tee

No doubt you have a library of white T-shirts in your wardrobe, but how many of them are in near-perfect condition? We’re talking opaque white, with a simple crew neck and the perfect length sleeves? If you’re unsure, it’s time to update. These Everlane tees tick all the right boxes and are affordable enough to buy in bulk. Trust us, a fresh tee makes all the difference.

Wear The Right Underwear

Underwear shouldn’t be an afterthought, so to ensure you have the right bras and underwear for every style of outfit it’s important to build a good supply of essentials. This means seamless briefs, no-snag T-shirt bras and comfortable G-strings. J. Crew’s new intimates range make everyday basics look special, so we suggest buying in both nude and black.

Belt It

Autumn clothes can look and feel a little drab when compared to summer, so to make things a little more exciting a belt can act as the perfect finishing touch. Wear with mid-rise jeans and a half-tucked knit.

Add a Trench

It’s amazing how the right piece of outerwear can suddenly pull a whole look together. The ease and sophistication of a trench coat can simply not be underestimated. If you don’t own one already, now’s the time to invest.

Wear an Unexpected Piece of Jewellery

Embrace the return of the bracelet stack with these vibrant pieces from Rozanne Assouline. Warning, you may want to hide these from your sticky-finger kids!

Update Your Kicks

Pro: White sneakers really do look good with everything! Con: If they’re even the slightest bit dirty or scuffed, they can bring down an entire outfit. If you need to update, these retro-inspired Isabel’s are a great place to start.

Try a Hat

Sunglasses are convenient, we get it, but a well-fitting hat can seriously be the Midas touch your outfit needs. Go for felt or wool in winter and don’t look back!

Tie a Scarf… Anywhere

We’re not talking about the chunky neck-version here, this season think more ladylike, silk and printed. If you’re game, add to a messy top-knot, or if you want to tread lightly on the trend, simply tie to your handbag or even looped as a belt.

Go Hand-Held

A great alternative to an evening clutch, this netted hand-held bag somehow blends cute and sophisticated at the same time.