5 Fresh Skin Products (When You’re Lacking Sleep)

A few easy tweaks to your existing routine and you’ll have much better-looking skin. Promise...

Words: Sarah Brooks-Wilson Photography: Bruce Weber

Less is actually more...

Kaye Scott from Sydney’s The Clinic says the best thing you can do for your skin is to avoid overloading on product. “The most important steps are cleansing and moisturising, so if you only have the time to do two, these are your best options for good skin.” She recommends an everyday cleanser that’s powered by botanicals for a deep clean and soothes and calms but won’t clog pores. Next up is a moisturiser. Go for one that’s full of antioxidants and peptides to repair and mop up free radicals from environmental factors like pollution and sun. Then it’s just a sunblock and you’re good to go.

SHOP: Try The Moisturiser by Scott and Sullivan, $80 and Dermalogica PowerBright Pure Light SPF50, $92.50.

Highlighting is key...

Don’t forget to highlight the little places on your face. Okay, so its not the first thing you think of doing when you’re about to walk out the door, but makeup artist Liz Kelsh says it will instantly bring life back to the skin with minimum effort. After applying your skincare take a cream highlighter and with a small makeup brush dab a small amount to the inner corner of the eyes, the top of the cupids bow, along the bridge of the nose, brow and cheekbones. It’s that simple, but will make all the difference to your skin.

SHOP: Try Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight, $42 and RMS Beauty Living Luminiser, $57.


Invest in a gadget...

Yes it’s another beauty appliance, but you need to make an exception for a cleansing brush. They not only give a deeper cleanse, but gently exfoliate, unclog pores and boost circulation helping to leave the complexion smooth and firm. Plus, they are very easy to use with whatever cleanser you already have. Simply glide over your face in circular motion and rinse.

SHOP: Try Foreo Luna 2, $249 and Clarisonic Mia 3, $199.


Double up your brush...

Nothing wakes up your skin faster than a sweep of blush. Trouble is it never lasts long. For a skin pep up that lasts apply a cream formula first then a powder blush on top. “Blush literally gives you light from within and the latest cream formulas adhere better to bare skin so will last the distance especially with powder over the top,” says Kelsh. She recommends applying a cream to the apples of your cheeks gently pressing on with your fingertips and then blend a powder with a stippling brush (the ones with an uneven head) going in a circular motion to get an even finish. As for the shade, a soft pink suits all complexions.

SHOP: Try Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink, $45 and Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush in Pink, $52.

Get into essences...

You’ve probably seen them on the shelves but are yet to take the plunge. While we said keep things simple, this is one step you do need to add. Essences are basically the new serums of skincare; you apply after cleansing to deliver a whole host of goodies to the skin like brightening enzymes, vitamins and hydrating hyaluronic acid. They help to boost radiance, reduce fine lines and improve dullness. What’s not to love? Simply soak a cotton pad in the essence and wipe over your face daily.

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