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10 Off-The-Shoulder Tops You Need Now

I’m more wary of trends these days. I see them happening (usually on social media), sit back and watch to see how they play out. There’s the recent bomber jacket trend (I considered it, but decided it’s not the look for me), overalls (worn once and hanging sadly in my closet, thanks to my husband likening me to a farmer when I wore them) and then the off-the-shoulder look...

This last one is everywhere. And this trend is good news for mamas. Why? Because apparently the collarbone has replaced the abs as the body part to reveal this season. Personally, I’m thrilled. And I didn’t even know you were supposed to reveal your abs. I must have missed that trend and I’m glad we’ve moved on. I finally decided I wanted to try the off-the-shoulder trend when my stylish friend Canna Campbell turned up to lunch in this Scanlan Theodore style. I was sold.

So inspired by Canna (and Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot), I’m finally getting around to adding a couple of off-the-shoulder tops to my wardrobe (and consolidating my superannuation, but first, shopping). I find with new trends, it’s better to shop off the high street and spend your money on timeless investment pieces such as coats and bags, so I’ve found a mix of high and low for you.

What do you wear them with? I’ll be sticking to jeans or denim shorts and flats (or heels if you can manage them with kids). While you’re shopping, make sure you invest in a good strapless bra that doesn’t slip down – you’ll need it. Oh, and to pull off this look, you must keep your shoulders back and stand tall. Ready, set, shop!

Image: Courtesy of Mango