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The 6 Decor Essentials For Your Home Office

Working from home: it’s the dream, right? No more fixed schedules, office politics, boring corporate ‘workstation’ desks. You imagine working away at home listening to your favourite playlist, surrounded by fresh flowers and coffee brewing, enveloped in a calm, creative, soothing space...

Whoa, hold on, that was the dream! In reality, you may be constantly interrupted by your baby waking, toddler tantrums, the delivery guy who you now know well, and the shrill beep of the washing machine finishing its third cycle of the day. If you’re juggling washing and work, fighting toddlers and conference calls, your home office actually becomes more important than ever. It’s your sanctuary and possibly the only truly ‘you’ space left at home, so protect it above all else mamas, and make it gorgeous. We’ve rounded up six home office essentials, with the dream investment and the budget buy options for each. So you can choose to start small and invest later or mix it up for maximum effect. Editor: Emily Armstrong | Holding image: One Kings Lane

The desk

This is the obvious start. Yet you can also be not-so-obvious in the solution. A trestle table is a great idea here… my first home office desk was a trestle table, which was also used on a few occasions for a toddler ‘party in the park’ food table solution.

The Dream Investment

Studioilse 454 Companions Writing Desk. From renowned international interior designer and brand consultant, Ilsa Crawford for her design company Studioilse. This beautiful desk is available at Spence & Lyda in Sydney. It’s a lifetime purchase and would completely make your home office, but would also work brilliantly in a hallway nook or a bedroom as the top closes to conceal laptop and papers. Beautiful, thoughtful, elegant design.

The Budget Buy

Ikea Alex desk. This is a good size and simple shape to slot easily into any home office space when you just need to get started…

SHOP: Ikea desk

The chair

Even though it’s tempting to choose style over substance you really do need the support of a good chair so probably worth investing her. However, if you’re not at your desk for long periods of time then do get creative with choice… and a little rattan is always a good idea!

The Dream Investment

Cesca B32 chair designed by Marcel Breuer. This is a design classic that will work with most rooms. You might get lucky in an antique store or trawl the web (gumtree et al)…if not invest in the original as new.

The Budget Buy

Replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chair. Remember seeing pictures of Anna Wintour’s office? The Xavier Pauchard Tolix galvanised chairs were surprisingly chic! While we don’t always champion replica furniture, we felt we had to include this one…

The light

Desk lamps lend a cozy feel even on a dull or rainy day and create an inviting glow once evening descends. They complete the look even when not switched on. And if you’re using your office space for studying then do invest in good light for those after-hours sessions.

The Dream Investment

This is a design classic. Good, clean lines that work in any scheme and will last you a lifetime, and actually, a very practical as well as beautiful choice, as the segmented arm means you can angle the light easily to where you need it. This is the mini-size, a more affordable choice and we think it’s big enough for most home office spaces… you’ll just have to decide on the colour!

The budget buy

This does the job and looks good too! Ikea to the rescue…

The storage

You will need storage – to keep things in order and clutter at bay. However be warned, as concealed cupboards can be a one-way ticket to mess. Why not change things up and buy a glass-fronted cabinet so you can mix up your pretty files with inspirational books and some lovely stationery. Go half/half with glass on top and hide your not-so-attractive office staples on the lower shelves.

The Dream Investment

We love everything from Great Dane Furniture and if budget allowed, then a row of these would certainly be the dream…

The Budget Buy

The classic Billy bookcase with doors that are glass at the top, give you the chance to display your more attractive office details while keeping the rest hidden.

The Inspiration

This is where you can have some fun and inject some personality into your space while keeping you constantly inspired. A mood or vision board is a must for a creative space but even if you’re an accountant, you still have your own personal loves, so creating a mood board of tear sheets from magazines, photographs, kids artwork, et al, can help make the space come alive. Think of it as your version of a ‘man cave’. So much more gorgeous and chic of course! Source pin boards from Officeworks or use a sheet of ‘peg board’ from Bunnings. Keep a jar of pins on your desk so you can constantly refresh your mood board with new material. However, if mood boards aren’t your thing, then do source some lovely artwork – we think a bit of Rachel Castle always lifts the working hours or perhaps a beautiful wanderlust print of Capri…

The Dream Investment

The Budget Buy

The final details

The details are the finishing touches that make all the difference – the vase of flowers, the carafe/ glass set, the scented candle, the stationery….! I love to use preserve jars (from Ikea) and up-cycled Bonne Maman jam jars to house all the little things like ribbons, string, staples, pins, even receipts. All these little things add up to create a personal and inviting space. Because let’s face it, working (or studying) from home should mean you’re surrounded by everything you love. And if you’re anything like us, a stack of fresh HB pencils, some fluoro Sharpies and a vase of fresh flowers, can make all the difference to your Monday motivation! Our go-tos for stationery? Hay kikki K  Officeworks Muji Paper D’Amour Paper2 

Here are some of our desk-top faves