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6 Habits Of Healthy Mothers

When you're a busy mother, prioritising your own health and wellbeing often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. The thing is, staying healthy is even more important when you've got kids. So what exactly are the key habits of healthy mothers? Since it’s officially spring, we thought it was time to find out. We asked the experts from A Season of Change, a new 10 week food, fitness and lifestyle app and programme (which launches on September 28th) to take us though the six habits that will help transform your life. Make sure you check out the new app, which contains everything from expert advice and delicious recipes to exercises to self-image insights.

Skip food labelled ‘low fat’ or ‘fat free’
“In many cases, these products are high in hidden sugars and aside from being unhealthy, are digested much faster, resulting in sugar crashes that leave you reaching for the next snack in no time,” says A Season of Change’s resident nutritionist, Dane Fuller. His advice? Dane suggests passing on ‘low-fat’ foods and eating with nutrition in mind. “Nutritious foods will be more satisfying and will keep you fuller for longer.”

Stick to one coffee a day
“Remember that a latte is a cup of milk, so if you’re having two or three a day, those calories count just as much as the ones on your plate, especially if you’re trying to lose weight,” says Fuller. If you can, try to stick to one coffee a day.

Mix up your exercise routine 
“Someone who does the same activity all the time is likely to plateau much sooner than someone who varies their workouts. Just as you can get bored by always doing the same exercises, your body also adapts so that the exercise you’re doing doesn’t offer the same benefits it once did,” says personal trainer, competitive athlete and one of A Season of Change’s fitness experts, Anna Bramley. Her tips? Add variety to your routine by including something different – speed, distance, hills or resistance, or by trying a totally different activity all together.  “You should be looking to change your routine every six weeks to keep your muscles challenged, your body guessing and the results coming!” she says.

Spring clean your pantry
We admit it: if there’s chocolate in the house and it’s late afternoon, we’ll eat it. So start fresh by spring-cleaning your pantry. “It’s important to replace willpower with strategy. Set yourself up for success by cleansing your home and personal work space of all temptation foods and replace them with healthier options. Why make it hard for yourself, you’re only human!” says Dane. Fill your pantry with healthy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts.

Give yourself time to rest
“Even Olympic athletes have scheduled rest days in their training plans, in order to allow the body time to recuperate,” says A Season of Change’s fitness and lifestyle coach and former professional football player Luke Sniewski. According to Sniewski, what you do on your rest days will depend on your level of fitness. If you’re just starting out, you may want to take a real rest day, in which you do no activity at all, but if you’re a more seasoned athlete, you could still do some gentle activity like tai chi or a yoga class. “Either way, use your rest day to reflect on how far you’ve already come and to be grateful for your body and dedication!”

Eat everything in moderation
Portion control is key. “Foods like nuts, hummus and protein smoothies are all great options, but just because they are healthy doesn’t discount the need for moderation.  Focusing on nutritional value and portion size is the best way to keep healthy foods healthy – eating anything in excess is not going to have the desired benefits,” says Fuller.

To help you spring clean your life and develop healthy habits for good, A Season of Change registrations are now open. Look for specially marked Sculpt packs for your access code and visit www.aseasonofchange.me for more info and to sign up. In association with A Season Of Change.

Photo: Grace Alyssa Kyo