A Beginner’s Guide To Botox – Francine Ithier Answers All Our Questions
If you're curious about Botox, you're not alone...

Francine Ithier is the owner and founder of Miss Franc, a boutique medical cosmetic clinic located in Sydney's Paddington. From facials to fillers, she does it all. And she knows her stuff. Which is why we decided to ask her for a beginner's guide to botox. Here, she answers all our questions.


The whole idea of preventative botox is a gimmick targeted at younger women…

If you're young and the line in question isn't evidently visible when you're in repose position, then it's not needed. A lot of girls want this smooth, shiny forehead so their makeup sits right. This is all well and good, but with a lifetime of botox of ahead of you, if you get to 50 and botox no longer works (because we build a resistance to the product over time) then what is the solution? Instead of putting money into botox when you're younger, invest in the right (professional) products and treatments for your skin – far more worth it.


The entrance to Miss Franc in Sydney's Paddington

Women lose all expression following botox basically because they've had the wrong dosages applied to their face…

Some women actually request that result, and therefore that's what they get. Some physicians will unethically inject too much for commercial gain, that's how their practice runs, that's not how my runs.

In saying this, when you first inject botox – from a tiny amount to a full dose – you're always going to get a shiny forehead (because botox tightens the pores). When it kicks in, in two weeks, it's going to be nice and tight and firm, but the difference in dosage is how long it lasts. Most of my patients (and I) prefer little bits more often as opposed to a very stiff face for that 3-4 months.

I use multiple botox products in one seating because I like the way certain products sit in certain areas of the face. This is different for every patient. Following an assessment of the muscle and how it needs to be treated, I will select the product accordingly.

For first time visitors, a thorough consultation is undertaken and a plan is put in place - botox wise, filler wise, skin wise…

A quotation is provided and dates' scheduled at a suitable time. The needles that are used are BD needles – the same needles that are used for insulin-dependent diabetics. It's a very tiny 31gauge, sterile needle, and it goes sub-dermally under the skin, leaving a little bit of a 'blebbed' mark for 30 minutes after the procedure.

You do feel it but of course, this is dependent on each patients’ pain threshold…

Some patients come in with their own Emla cream from the pharmacy and that's OK. Some find it a little bit uncomfortable and others come in and love it; feel like they've just had a facelift and off they go.

You should not exercise for 24 hours following a botox treatment…

Why? Because patients should not sweat or do any kind of upside-down, downward dog style movements. Botox takes a full 4 hours standing upright to take effect.

If you’re on blood thinners, bruising will be very prevalent…

If you're a bruiser by nature, if you're hungover or have your period, you're also more likely to bruise. In any case, they're tiny microscopic bruises, very easy to cover with makeup. There are very rare occasions when an injector will hit a vein and bruising can be a little more obvious. This is because we don't have an ultrasound, so are unable to see every vein, capillary, and vessel under the skin.

Results start at day 3…

And can take up to 14 days for full effect.

There are risks of Brow Ptosis…

So when we inject up in the forehead, you can slip into a muscle very close to the brow that may cause drooping. There's a marker that we look for, to ensure this doesn't happen, but on the very rare case this occurs, it can take up to 6 – 8 weeks to lift again. If it's your first time you may get a heavy feeling in the brow, which is normal.

Our approach at MISS FRANC is…

Lesser units, more often so that you have a nice soft look to your brow, forehead and crows feet. Patients who live close by can afford to take this approach but for my patients abroad, I tend to give a longer-lasting dose which means they will feel heavier, sooner. But generally speaking, my patients will take a less is more approach and commit to the skin treatments in-between to aid with the longevity of botox. Results will last anywhere between 3-4 months.

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