A Completely Luxe (Yet Entirely Unnecessary) Baby Registry |

A Completely Luxe (Yet Entirely Unnecessary) Baby Registry

I’m now three-children deep, which means that the days of elaborate baby showers and the thrills of the pram selection are long behind me.

Combined with the announcement that my third baby is a boy (following his two older brothers), I have also been denied any excuse to purchase a few “necessary” little outfits. As this little one will undoubtedly be relegated to hand-me-downs for the next 18 years, I have decided to make my own wish list of completely luxe – yet entirely unnecessary – baby items. If size 000 singlets and drawers full of muslins are off the table, I feel it’s as good an excuse as any to indulge in some lust-haves. Here’s what’s on my list this time around.

BigStuffed Grandpa Whale

New toys for this baby will be limited, so I think one classic, key stuffed toy is a necessity. Everything from BigStuffed is beyond gorgeous, but this grandpa whale is particularly charming.

Ouef NYC Baby Alpaca Wool Rabbit Romper

Just because he already has a cupboard full of clothes doesn’t mean he should come home from the hospital in a faded onesie. Instead, I’m thinking that an Oeuf NYC number might do the trick. Considering he’s due in Winter, surely this little romper is spot on?

Dazed But Amazed Linen Cot Sheet

This child is going to sleep through the night from 6 weeks! Surely now I’ve put that statement out to the universe, it will become a reality? That, or the fact that his two brothers chose to wait until they were 16 months old to sleep through the night, certainly means that I’m ready for a good sleeper. I’ll reward him in advance with this gorgeous hand-dyed linen cost sheet.

Castle & Things My Little Darling Baby Throw

Considering the prior notes about this baby being winter-born and a beautiful sleeper, this beautiful knit throw is a must. In fact, my gorgeous mum just bought it for him … See, manifestation!

Bibs Colour Dummies

Neither of my other two children took dummies, but perhaps that’s because they weren’t as aesthetically-minded as these options. In pistachio or sage, I think I can sense the hours of self-soothing already.

Francis & Henry Favourites Bundle

Who said it had to all be about the baby? While I may already own this nightgown in grey, I have become so obsessed with it that it’s been worn every second night for the past two years (and still looks brand new). Therefore, I consider the additional colours and matching robe a valuable investment.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Woodland Friends Gift Set

There’s nothing like a freshly bathed baby. One that’s been washed in the purest of organic ingredients? Even better. This box of bath and bedtime goodies is perfect, and that sweet little suitcase won’t go astray when storing memorabilia.

Cosabella Never Say Never Mommie Nursing Bras

If this baby is anything like his brothers, I’m going to spend the better part of the next twelve months as a walking, talking dairy truck. So, breastfeeding in style will be my regimen.

Numero 74 Multi Bag Baby Kit

I have moved past the days of believing that I can only leave the house when accompanied by the world’s largest bag of baby paraphernalia. Now, I know that if I leave with just a nappy, some wipes and my own ability to improvise – the baby and I will survive. So, I’d like to just pack up those few small items in this baby bag kit, and pop them straight into my regular handbag.

Micuna OVO High Chair

We invested in this high chair for our middle child, Charlie, and it’s been a talking point in our home ever since. Since Charlie is still in his (and it will convert to be a toddler chair), I think we can justify going back for round two. Now if I may say so myself, this looks like it’s shaping up to be one very stylish postpartum period indeed.