"A lot of other treatments focus on causing trauma to the skin so that it has to renew itself" - The Skin Rejuvenation Treatment That Doesn't Hurt and Has Zero Downtime - The Grace Tales

“A lot of other treatments focus on causing trauma to the skin so that it has to renew itself” – The Skin Rejuvenation Treatment That Doesn’t Hurt and Has Zero Downtime

We're not getting any younger and while we're all for ageing gracefully, we'll do as much as we can to stall the ageing process...

Enter skin rejuvenation treatment Byonik, which features a pulse-triggered laser that adapts its frequency to your pulse during the entire treatment. With every heartbeat, it releases its energy into the skin. This allows the antioxidants in the Byonik hyaluronic acid gel to enter the cells of the skin directly. The combined release of red and near-infrared laser light ensures that the energy is transferred to all layers of the skin simultaneously. Usually, we shudder at the thought of laser, but this treatment is different – it doesn’t hurt.

“I was looking for a treatment that would improve skin health without needing to damage it first. A lot of other treatments focus on causing trauma to the skin so that it has to renew itself,” explains cosmetic clinician Francine Ithier, the owner of Sydney clinic Miss Franc. Essentially, you skip the downtime that other laser treatments demand and won’t need to turn up to the school gate red-faced. “With the Byonik, you completely skip that step and go straight to improved skin. That means the treatment is completely comfortable (in fact, you are likely to fall asleep) and is perfect for pre-events for imminent glow (hello busy mums who can’t afford the downtime!).”

The Byonik method stimulates cell processes and introduces special hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants into the skin. The elastin can move more freely, elasticity improves, the skin receives intensive moisture and gains volume, and contours become more defined. In most cases, according to Ithier, the effects can be seen following the first treatment.

So what exactly are the benefits of red and near-infrared laser light on the skin? Starting with red, expect anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, represses inflamm-aging, reduction of redness, collagen stimulation and elastin production; and helping skin cells to absorb antioxidants. As for near infra-red light, benefits include: increased microcirculation cells are better supplied with nutrients and strengthened connective tissue; stimulation of collagen and elastin production; lymphatic drainage and cellular detoxification assistance; and improved cell renewal, repair and regeneration.

Byonik hyaluronic acid gel, infused deeply into the epidermis to nourish and hydrate the skin, is also unique. “The gel contains hyaluronic acid molecules that are each coated with wakame algae. The wakame algae has a few functions. It adds vitamins and nutrients to the skin and prevents pigment cells (melanocytes) from over activating and causing uneven skin tone. Most importantly it prevents the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid by the skin’s natural hyaluronidase (which usually breaks down these molecules). This means that these specialised hyaluronic acid molecules are locked into the skin layers for at least one month, rather than being washed off or broken down with the day. Skin looks brighter, fresher, plumper and has more nutrient flow for up to six weeks resulting in optimal skin health. The gels also incorporates topic pink pure rock rose which is three-times more potent in its antioxidant properties than green tea.  The pulsation of the Byonik laser (according to the client’s individual heartbeat) means that this antioxidant is pushed directly into each skin cell for cellular DNA rejuvenation.”

The treatment is incredibly relaxing (busy mothers are likely to fall asleep) and we leave with that imminent glow we were promised and skin that’s remarkably different to the sallow complexion (thanks kids) we walked in with.

For more information, go to www.missfranc.com.au