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A New Approachable Platform Breaking Down The Elitism Of Art

If you have ever longed to begin building your own art collection but have no idea where to begin, then let us introduce Partnership Editions, a new approachable online contemporary art gallery that allows you to browse and snap up emerging to mid-career artists with professional, savvy advice...

Founded by Georgia Spray, (who worked in the professional art world for six years including at White Cube gallery and Christie’s) her idea to connect would-be collectors with affordable emerging artists is breaking down barriers in the art world.

And throughout December, their new Islington pop-up will allow you to browse three exciting artists in the flesh.

Alexandria Coe, Rose Electra Harris and Isabella Cotier will be part of the ‘In The Studio With…’ project that will allow you to not only see their existing work, but step into their studios and watch them painting live (the public can view between 12 and 2pm).

The exclusive pieces will then be available to buy at the end of the residency.

“We are very excited to exhibit and sell art in a totally new way,” Georgia says. “Recreating artist studios in the new Islington Square allows both passers-by and existing followers the opportunity to watch them painting live and better understand their artistic processes.”

Visit: www.partnershipeditions.com