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George – The Private Members Club For All The Family That You Need To Know About

Swapping screen-time for face-time, ditching ready meals for nutritional dining and turning off CBeebies to learn about the wider world – suddenly all of our best parenting intentions have become a breeze thanks to a new children’s membership programme...

George, the exclusive Mayfair club has now opened its big blue door to members’ offspring so that all the family can enjoy some quality time together. There is a host of activities on offer for kids, and children are invited to sit on a monthly George Junior committee to discuss everything that’s happening, from what is served on the kids’ menu to which local charities and community projects to support.

With private members’ clubs for kids becoming quite ‘the thing’ in London, the committee aspect of the George membership gives it a real child-centric focus. It ensures it is inclusive and engaging – allowing children to touch upon bigger issues in the world today such as plastic waste and how they can make a positive impact.

Some of the coming highlights include a ‘Day of Explosions’ where budding scientists can explore the world of volcanoes, rockets and all things that bubble and fizz, to a Halloween disco featuring monster-marshmallow and mummy-making competitions, pumpkin piñatas and ghoulish games. There are also plans for a George Junior book club for mini literary types. The membership is for children up to 14-years-old, and each member receives an exclusive pack including a fluffy Dachshund (naturally), hooded sweatshirt, cap, book-bag and membership card. Where do we sign up?

87-88 Mount Street, London W1K 2SR
020 7491 4433/