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A Week in Her Beauty Cabinet: Gemmologist Olivia Bond

Olivia Bond is a Sydney-based private jeweller and gemmologist specialising in high-end diamond jewellery and engagement rings. She lives with her husband Jeremy, their two daughters, Lulu, 4, and Sybella, 2, and their Australian bulldog Stanley...

Her beauty routine has always been simple and with a classic oily/combination skin type “breakouts on my T-zone and dark circles under the eyes that seemed to arrive after my babies were born and will not budge!” are her biggest concerns. However, now that she’s a mum she tells me that she’s more invested in skincare than ever before. “I suppose it is partly to do with being a little bit older and partly to do with the fact that looking after my skin makes me feel good and is a little luxury when I haven’t had much sleep or when I haven’t been able to get out much. I think even with the most amazing products, you only really look your best when you are taking care of yourself.” “I also try to get lots of quality sleep (easier said than done with small children!), eat predominantly fresh whole foods and drink lots of water. I think exercising not only has benefits for how you look, but boosts your mood as well, so I prioritise it in my day.” We got a peek inside her beauty cabinet. Here’s what we found… Go to www.oliviabonddiamonds.com


I apply the magnificent RATIONALE product Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF 50 every day after moisturising. It is a sunscreen and has the added bonus of making you look all dewy and fresh, even when you are really not.


I love the idea of beauty supplements, I really think that your skin and hair can be a reflection of how healthy you are and what you are putting into your body. I try to take Welleco Super Greens every morning as I think it gives my skin a glow as well as massively improving my energy levels. I also use The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder in my smoothies. I make an iced latte at home a few times a week and always add collagen to it, I figure I need as much collagen as I can get! Also just eating lots of good quality proteins and leafy greens makes me feel and look my best.

WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens, from $35; The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder, $59.95


I am a RATIONALE girl through and through. Since the hormonal changes during my pregnancies, it has really been a skin saviour for me. I use the Essential Six every day and try to do the Immunologist Mask once a week. It gives a glow factor like nothing else I’ve tried. I put it on for twenty minutes the morning before I have an event on. I also apply RATIONALE’s Catalyst GelCreme every evening after cleansing. It is acidic and works beautifully to exfoliate. I find that’s all I need, as well as an in treatment peel at the RATIONALE clinic once a month. It is one of the only times I have in my daily life to just stop and do nothing for an hour. Between working predominantly from home and being the primary caregiver to two girls, there is little to no downtime. I see Emily at RATIONALE in Sydney’s Woollahra and I really look forward to it every month. I also love going to see Lowri at the All Saints Clinic in Double Bay. It is heavenly in there and feels like a real treat.

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I use the Knesko Diamond Radiance Collagen Eye Mask when my under eye circles are really bothering me.


I have a fairly major obsession with Bastide products. The scents are wonderful and luxurious without smelling artificial, and they have no nasties in them. The scent of the Miele de Lavande Hand and Body Lotion is like a bottled summer holiday in Provence. When my skin is dry in the cooler months I love the Bastide Corps a Corps Body Cream. Unscented and really nourishing.


I prioritise skincare over makeup. So if I am limited on time I do my RATIONALE serums and moisturiser and then (always) add sunscreen. However, for every day after moisturising I put on the RATIONALE Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF50, then a bit of BAREMINERALS Original SPF 15 Foundation. I then put the tiniest smudge of the RATIONALE Beautiful Cheeks Superfluid SPF50 on the apples of my cheeks, groom my eyebrows with the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel and I’m out the door.


I usually keep it very simple but if I have an evening out or an event I will use the Mecca Lit from Within Primer and Nars Liquid Foundation for staying power. If I have a had a dreadful night or have had too much champagne the night before, I bring out the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer for under my eyes.

Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Primer 45ml, $40; By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer, $99


I love By Terry Terrybly Mascara because it adds length and volume and doesn’t give me panda eyes when I wash it off.


I find that a bold lip is too high maintenance for me, I prefer nude lip glosses. My favourite is By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Care Wand. I also never leave the house without Hurraw Coconut lip balm.


Paloma Garcia from PALOMA salon got me on to Oribe products. They smell amazing, are so luxurious and also don’t contain parabens or SLS. They also do a beautiful Gold Lust Dry Shampoo that I use when I’m out of time in the morning.


I often skip perfume for day to day but I love the Kai Roll On Perfume Oil from Mecca if I have something on during the day as it is fresh and not overpowering. When I have a night out I love the Bastide Ambre Soir EDT. I have lost count of the compliments I have received for both.

Images: Grace Alyssa Kyo