A Week Inside @model_appetite’s Phoebe Ghorayeb’s Wardrobe |

A Week Inside @model_appetite’s Phoebe Ghorayeb’s Wardrobe

It’s hard not to feel happy when you come across Phoebe Ghorayeb, aka @model_appetite, on Instagram. Not only is her smile utterly infectious, but her snaps of baby daughter Valentina are combined with images of various meals, which makes for one seriously delicious and adorable social media feed...

Phoebe often shares her musings on motherhood, food, fashion and more over on her blog, and it’s here where you’ll see her knack for throwing together affordable outfits that look far more expensive than they are. Her shopping philosophy is simple – “I buy as I like and tend not to follow fashion too religiously. As long as it suits me and fits me I’m happy.” We loved seeing a week inside her wardrobe, which mixes breastfeeding-friendly basics with luxe separates, and know you will too. Editor: Marisa Remond

What pieces are currently on high rotation in your wardrobe?

My Lalabu leggings. I wear them almost every day for my morning walk with V. I also love that they keep me nice and sucked in to help with my postpartum body. White shirts are another staple, I have about 6 of them. They are quick to throw on, allow for easy breastfeeding and go with almost everything.

What was your last purchase?

Nine T-shirts from Uniqlo. I really struggle to find a good fitting, long lasting T-shirt so when I discovered Uniqlo I stocked up big time. Black, white, light grey, dark grey, navy, light blue, peach, olive green and rust. A T-shirt for every occasion and my wardrobe saviour.

What’s currently sitting in your wish list or online carts right now?

For me a faux leather, faux fur jacket from website withchic.com. My husband always sends me links to clothes he thinks I might like. He’s like my own personal shopping fairy godmother! And for V, I’ve got a cute little red and white check onesie with frill shoulders and a mint green, high neck onesie from bubswarehouse.com. I think I get more excited about buying clothes for her than for myself now.

What type of outfit do you wear when you’re with the kids?

Something I can lift up! I’m still breastfeeding so dresses are a big no-no unless they unbutton at the front. Otherwise, jeans and a T-shirt (of which I’m clearly not lacking in) is pretty much my standard uniform.

Your favourite go-to date night outfit?

Dates are currently a thing of the past unless we bring V along as our third wheel. However, when dates are back on the cards it’s usually a pair of black, high waisted jeans, a silk shirt of some description tucked in and a pair of mid-high court shoes.

Can you name your top 3 online retailers and why?

I don’t shop online that much as I like to see and feel clothes before I buy them, however I have been prone to a good old ASOS haul and they have a great returns policy if I’ve bought something that doesn’t quite tick the box. For activewear, Stylerunner is my go to. I love the variety and their support of Aussie-born brands. Finally, any weird and wonderful website [my husband] Georges has discovered.

Do you have a shopping plan each season or buy on a whim? 

My shopping plan goes as far as waiting until Georges and I head up to the Gold Coast for Christmas and going crazy at the Harbour Town Shopping Centre Boxing Day sales. That’s where I buy the bulk of my wardrobe. Then whenever Zara and Cos go on sale, I’m like a ferret stuck in a jumper. You can’t get me out. I buy as I like and tend not to follow fashion too religiously. As long as it suits me and fits me I’m happy.

Who’s your ultimate style icon and why?

I love Nicole Trunfio. I think she has a really eclectic style. She can carry off a lot of different styles which I admire. Very pretty, super rock chic or completely glam. I like that she experiments and she gives me a lot of inspo for my own wardrobe.

Has motherhood changed your sense of style? If so, how? 

I don’t think it has. I still wear all the same clothes I owned before falling pregnant. I guess from a practical point of view I have to be a bit more thoughtful about what I wear but in terms of style, I’ve stayed pretty true to myself.

Any styling hacks or shopping secrets to share? 

If you’re having bad hair day (of which I have many) scarves are the answer. I have a collection of Frankie Peach in all styles and colours. They hide a multitude of sins and they also dress up an outfit if you can’t be bothered or if I don’t have time to make that extra effort. I also love shopping the sales on ASOS, The Iconic and Boohoo for cheap jewellery. With V constantly pulling at me, it’s inevitable I’ll lose an earring or break a necklace so if I’ve only spent a couple of dollars it hurts a lot less. They also do great versions/copies of current trends.

Monday - morning walk

My daily routine with Valentina and one of my favourite times of the day. Podcast, coffee and fresh air. We do 6-8 laps of Bondi, enough to give her a good sleep and time to get my heart rate up.

Tuesday - hair appointment

I get my locks looked after at Koda Cutters in Bondi. Not only are they amazing but super convenient too as it’s just a 10-minute walk from where we live so another excuse to get out and about.

Wearing: H&M Jeans; Bassike Jumper; TopShop Jacket; The Iconic Loafers; H&M Choker

Wednesday - casting

I’m back working as a model which I am loving and so grateful to be able to do. Now I get to use the days I have castings as days out with V.

Wearing: Zara Knit; Zara Pants; H&M Coat, The Iconic Loafers; Prada Sunglasses

Thursday - pyjamas

Peter Alexander gifted us matching pyjamas (Georges also has a pair) and I love snuggling down for the night in them. I feel like mum and baby matching outfits is a silly but necessary indulgence.

Wearing matching Peter Alexander pyjamas

Friday - night out

This night we were celebrating the opening night of Georges and Amy Finlayson’s exhibition “Gravity is Only a Theory Says the Butterfly” at Sun Studios. I love a good excuse to dress up! The necklace was a special necklace Georges bought for me from Lebanon. It’s a bull’s head covered in diamonds.

Wearing: Jac + Jack Top; Leather Pants; Necklace (gift from Lebanon)

Saturday - brunch

Brunch plays a pretty regular role in our weekends. Another excuse to make a bit of effort with my wardrobe and experiment with my style. Easy, chic and casual is usually my weekend get up.

Wearing Nice Martin Shirt; Zara Pants; Nike High Tops; Frankie Peach Scarf; Prada Sunglasses, The Horse Watch

Sunday - chill out

I spend the majority of my days chilling out at home with Valentina so the comfier the better.

Wearing Jac + Jack Jumper; Camilla & Marc Trackies; Frank Peach Scarf; Wanderlust Watch