You’ve got this mama...

When I launched The Grace Tales back in November 2013, I never intended for it to turn into a company, but when you’re deeply passionate about your work, it’s always going to thrive. It began when I worked at VOGUE magazine and was on maternity leave with my firstborn. I couldn’t find anything I wanted to read. Where were all the glossy publications aimed at parents? There were plenty of fashion and lifestyle magazines, but nothing just for mothers. I wanted to read about how other mums managed the struggle, the juggle and the joy of the motherhood. I wanted to see inside their homes. I wanted their tips and tricks. I wanted a website which felt like you were reading a magazine. So I created it and in doing so, ended up building a wonderfully engaged community of likeminded mothers.

After my second daughter was born, I made the decision not to go back to my corporate career.  I’ve never looked back – not once. We turn five in September. I can’t believe it. We’ve grown into the go-to online lifestyle destination for style conscious parents and have editors and readers all around the world. We have a global community and it’s growing every single day. We photograph all our own content and produce beautiful content just for you: our smart, stylish reader who happens to be a mum. We love talking about honest motherhood (sharing stories is so therapeutic) but we also love talking about all things style (our home tours are too dreamy for words – can you tell we love interiors?). We’ve profiled hundreds of inspiring women from Miranda Kerr to Teresa Palmer.

The women I work with are wonderful. They’re real, funny, honest and talented. We spend our time doing what we’re most passionate about, creating content for mamas around the world, which inspires, moves and motivates our readers. We tell inspiring stories for inspiring women.

We’ve since launched events featuring inspiring speakers called GRACE TALKS. We recently had one of the most admired mentors of Australian women, Dame Quentin Bryce, on stage with us. I love our events – it’s where I get to connect with our readers in person. I’m an open book and I love a chat – don’t we all? And doesn’t talking to other women about honest motherhood make you feel better? Motherhood is HARD and you don’t need to feel bad for saying that out loud. I’ve never been afraid of being honest – ask me anything and I’ll tell you how it is. We’ll be hosting our first international events later this year along with our first event in Melbourne.

As the founder of The Grace Tales, I often get asked for my tips for the juggle (ahem, the struggle)? I’m decisive and don’t spend a lot of time pondering things. If something does work, I’ll stop and move on. If I’m not feeling motivated, I’ll go with it until my mood changes and my creativity returns. The maxim ‘done is better than perfect’ is something I live by. I try to do a tidy everyday before I go to bed (I usually give up on this as the week goes on as I’m too tired!), I’ll make the most of every minute of my day, but also make sure there’s time for chilling out (Netflix anyone?), I’ll sip on herbal tea after 12pm (it’s my little cup of calm) but love a coffee (decaf now) first thing in the morning. I work with a handful of very experienced women who are super-talented and always do a brilliant job. And I forgive myself if I can’t get on top of my to-do list. It’ll eventually get done and things always take so much longer than you think they will. Throw in kids and add an extra couple of months to any big task!

So welcome to The Grace Tales. I hope you love it because we’re thrilled you’re part of our Grace Collective of women. Email me and say hi – I love hearing from our readers! [email protected] And never forget: you’ve got this mama.

Photo: Julie Adams