How-To Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Beauty Regime

Our beauty editor Isabella Schimid shows you how to brighten up your beauty look...

For both of these makeup looks, it’s best to keep the skin fresh and minimal. Use a little concealer on any areas that need it and blend it in with your finger. Highlight your cheekbone, brow bone and tip of your lip with a cream highlighter. Cream highlighters look more natural and blend easily. Apply a cream blush on the apples of the cheek to get a little flush.


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Electric Eye

I like to start with the eyes first. Using a fine pencil either in brown or white, carefully line along the top lash line. Look at yourself in the mirror with your eyes open not closed and work with the natural shape of your eye.

Start midway along the eye and work towards the end of the eye (try not to draw the line so it sits below the end of the eye as that will give a downturned droopy effect). Best to end it just as the eye ends or give it a tiny flick upwards.

Correct any mistakes with a cotton tip and then go over the liner with your desired colour. Electric blue for brown eyes, green for hazel or blue eyes or purple for green eyes. Use a paint pot or liquid liner depending on what you prefer to use, practice is the key!

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Illustrious Lips

Now onto the lips. A matte lip is modern and very easy to maintain. I like to make sure the lips are exfoliated and hydrated before applying any lipstick as this will allow the lipstick to apply easier and look more even. Apply a little concealer around the edge of the lip and blend lightly (this will give the illusion that the lips are fuller). Layer the lipstick colour into the brush so that you get the full pop of colour.

Favourite Highlighters

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Favourite Lip Products

Here are my favourite lip products. I especially love The Lip Lab as you can have your lipstick custom made. Choose from four different lipstick bases – matte, gloss, frost or cream – then choose a shade from a huge colour collection, add a flavour and additive and come out with a unique colour that is truly you. Lastly, you name your very own lipstick.

Editor: Isabella Schimid | Photography: Steven Popovich | Stylist: Jackie Shaw | Hair: Brad Mullins | Makeup: Amy Sartorel | Model: Janella at IMG