About the brand:

Former Esprit designer Anne-Claire Breda changed her focus from designing women’s accessories – such as shawls, hats and bags – into children’s clothing and home wear, renaming her business Anne-Claire Petit. Today she produces soft, cuddly and clever woven and crocheted children’s toys and interiors items via a dedicated community of skilled craftswomen in Asia (whose skills have been passed down through generations). The textiles work goes on to sustain the village in which the women and their families live, giving the Anne-Claire Petite brand very much an ethical focus.

Why we love it…

The baby products are beautifully soft since they are stitched from organic cotton where possible and are machine washable (so perfect for busy mums). The crochet dachshunds – in a choice of dots or fine stripes – are incredibly cute and available in small and medium sizes (for babies and toddlers respectively). Other popular items include the crocheted old-fashioned radio and the large crochet tea set. This Netherlands businesswoman firmly believes that colour can be a very powerful emotional trigger and which is why she likes to design in bright, fun and ‘happy’ shades. Maybe that’s why her creations make us smile so much?