Behind the brand:

Developed in the south of England, Lady Carole Bamford is committed to a sustainable and holistic life, which is in fact her entire business philosophy. Bamford’s luxurious range of organic beauty products and clothing collection uses the finest natural ingredients and fabrics from artisans throughout the world. From bath salts to body oils to baby powder, Bamford’s gender-neutral body range is ecofriendly (including the packaging) and is created using the only highest quality organic botanicals.


Why we love it…

Your baby can enjoy the same sensory experience with Bamford’s new range of body products for bubs. The brand’s signature certified organic chamomile, lavender and tea tree are perfect for young sensitive skin. We love Bamford’s passion for pure ingredients and that we can share this with our bubs. The range contains bath and massage oil, baby balm, powder, soap and a body and hair wash.



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