About the brand:
Danish label Bang Bang are a fun brand who, right from the start back in 2008 set out to dispel the notion that girls should wear pink and boys blue. Their clothing, designed for youngsters aged from just months to nine years, features the likes of baggy harem pants and too-big jumper dresses with playful motifs mixed in with creative and colourful prints. Inspired by both the Japanese folding art origami (which is neat) and streetwear (relaxed), founders Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager view their clothing as playful and trendy.

Why we love it…
It’s not only parents that love this brand, but kids too. That’s because you could be forgiven for believing one of the brand’s more playful outfits was destined for a fancy dress shop rather than a kids outfitters. We’re thinking here of the wonderfully funky bunny dress (with shoulder length ears). We also love the incredibly cool Skull pants and, on the other side of the spectrum, the pretty and glamorous gold Tusnelda skirt with royal blue bow tie. Then there’s the cool Mate T-shirt – a faux blazer design with blue jacket, striped t-shirt and black bow tie. Everyday clothing that doubles up as a party outfit – what’s not to love?