Behind the brand:
Inspired by Andean culture and traditional ways of weaving and hand knitting, New York-based Alexandra Gizela created infant and children’s accessories line Cabbages & Kings: her very own answer to a market crowded by uncomfortable materials and dull designs. “Customers will initially be drawn to the uniqueness of the line, but will ultimately be won over by the versatility and quality of each piece,” she says. Passionate about ethical fashion, Gizela seeks to provide her customers with hand made garments created by artisans across Central and South America. Collections feature hand-loomed skirts and dresses in vibrant patterns, as well as hand knitted leg warmers for the cooler months. In addition to the social message carried by the brand, Cabbages & Kings primarily uses alpaca and other natural fibres to craft their garments, making them an eco-conscious choice.

Why we love it:
The new spring/summer collection proves that in addition to clothing, Cabbages & Kings do fantastic accessories. Their hand embroidered headbands and cotton hand embroidered bibs are perfect for gifting. We also love the joyful South American inspired colour combos which are also sure to make a statement.