Behind the brand:

Described as a combination of Donnie Darko meets Avant Garde, Caroline Bosman‘s Crlnbsmns Collection – despite being around for just two years now – is sold in more than 20 countries. Each collection is based on a story which often has a bit of a dark side, but there’s humour in there too. You won’t find any cutesy images or birds and bees on a Bosman garment. The Belgium designer and mother of four uses plenty of graphics and prints and is famous for blurring the boundaries between boys and girls fashion. This high-quality children’s label was born after Bosman’s graduation from SASK in Sint-Niklaas and is focused on allowing parents to show off their children’s personalities through their clothing.

Why we love it…

Her Cloacha sweater and pants are a big favourite of parents and kids everywhere, as is her ecstasy light zip back top and Black Olrog garments. The designs are unusual and, unusually for youngsters, black features as a base colour (making the clothes easier to keep clean). In fact Caroline, a former psychotherapist, uses a narrow range of colours in her designs. This is a design outfitters which is funny, edgy and comprises plenty of bright colours.  It’s also extremely cutting edge. “Forget the rules; if you like it wear it.” Now who would disagree with that?