Behind the brand:
Described by Vogue magazine as “the maternity line you’ll actually want to wear,” the Hatch collection was started by American designer Ariane Goldman who, when she herself became pregnant, was horrified at the maternity lines available. Having said that, the maternity lines aren’t only worn by pregnant women. That’s because they’re designed to be worn after she’s given birth and anyway, the jumpers and leggings are being bought and worn by women who aren’t even pregnant in the first place. In this respect there’s a bit of a ‘dual functionality’ going on, says Goldman (who had planned this aspect for her brand right from the start).

Why we love it…
Well, there are all those stylish creations to lust after – such as smart onesies and batik-print dresses. Then there’s the material such as lovely soft cotton for jerseys, silk for tops and dresses in open weave linen. Meanwhile, denim or leather tuxedo leggings anyone? Both the Lily Dress and the Soiree Dress are great examples of how amazingly flattering the brand’s offerings are while the long body tank dress with a pair of sneakers is a great fashionable look you’d probably want to show off, regardless of your baby status. Who would have thought maternity wear could be so exciting? And all with an eco and ethical focus too.