Behind the brand:
New businesses often take shape when a new child comes along, and Michaele Simmering and Johann Pauwen are thankfully no different. When they moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and couldn’t find furniture that met their criteria of being environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing, they had no option but to design their own; soon after their daughter’s crib became part of the first Kalon Studios collection. Each piece is made by skilled groups of makers around the US and is designed to be as socially and environmentally responsible as it is beautiful.

Why we love it…
Firstly, everything in the whole range just looks so good. New parents will adore the Caravan crib inspired by wagons from Storybook Circus, and it’s hard to imagine any living space that wouldn’t be improved with their No. 5 series sofa or Isometric table and chair. Kalon Studios is the first choice for fellow creatives, with Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co. choosing her baby boy’s bed from them, and Elisa Restrepo from hot shoe line Dieppa Restrepo opting for their Caravan Divan toddler bed. The furniture exudes quality; it feels wonderful and each piece was built to last for generations of use.