Behind the brand…
Mums, best friends and even sisters-in-law, Kate Pascoe and Kate Pascoe Squires launched their brand Kate & Kate back in 2013 with some pretty cotton blankets in soft and breathable fabric. Within the past two years it’s grown to such an extent that it now includes linen throws, napkins, towels and cushions. Another label that’s all about affordable quality and craftsmanship (Australian), the brand has a cosy, family, caring feel to it. The girls describe their fashion aesthetic as “fresh and contemporary.” And they could certainly throw ‘luxury’ in there too without any hint of embarrassment.

Why we love it:
We’ve never seen such elegant baby blankets such as these. The designs are modern – some with geometrical shapes, others in stripes and all with exquisite colour matching. The Tammy baby blanket, as well as the Love Letter and Jane Baby versions are all very big sellers, as is the Jagger design. There’s also a lovely line in throws and kids beach towels (having their very own cool towel should stop the little darlings pinching yours). Those trendy throws are terrific for keeping warm – in a cool way – after a swim at the beach. The girls refer to this as ‘big love.’