Behind the brand:

Australia’s Emily Cooper studied at the prestigious Ars Sutoria footwear institute in Milan and launched Meandher,  a perfectly constructed collection of men’s styles in 2010. It wasn’t long before she was inundated with requests for the same shoes in women’s sizes and in 2013, Meandher’s women’s line was born – a timeless, high quality collection of flats, all predominately made by hand in Tuscany where Emily works closely with the pattern makers and modelists to ensure her designs are accurately brought to life.

Why we love it…

Why borrow from the boys when there are shoes cut just for you? The brand’s ethos is ‘keep it simple’ and Emily Cooper achieves this, but adds her own twist to make Meandher shoes one step ahead. From the metallic finishes on the shiny black and gold oxford lace-ups or the brightly coloured mulberry suede penny loafers, each handcrafted shoe has little touches that make an otherwise classic style very special indeed. Now based in Los Angeles, Meandher is worn by Emma Watson, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Hart, Orlando Bloom, Sienna Miller and brand model, Poppy Delevingne who find her androgynous designs as irresistible as we do.