Behind the brand:
Quality, mixed with practicality and function, which is then ultimately wrapped up in beautiful design – that’s the motto of American husband and French wife team Sophe Demenge and Michael Ryan who run French children’s clothing and furniture company Oeuf (it’s French for egg). There’s always been an environmental concern behind this brand with the emphasis on multi-function where possible, as well as the highest quality. Like so many children’s clothing companies the pair started the brand after the birth of their first child in 2002. However, unlike many others they didn’t just concentrate on clothing but nursery furniture too. Then there’s the kids bedding…

Why we love it:
As well as their admirable environmentally-friendly emphasis, Oeuf care about the workers from the European communities who make their clothing, ensuring they receive a living wage. This, in turn, makes us feel better about shelling out the cost of the clothing in the first place. The actual design ethos of this brand is fun and stylishness. The veggie hoodie collection is quirky but smart while the cat hoodie is simply the epitome of cuteness. Staying with a veg theme, the Kale sweater is another popular choice. Celebrity fans of his brand include actress Meg Ryan and Tori Spelling.

Images: Katrina Tang