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Amanda Woodward Brown Shares What She’s Loving This Month

After a brief hiatus, I am back with my list of loves from London. This time around I wanted to focus on labels that I have come across recently that are doing their part to help make a difference...

Because you should never underestimate how even the smallest change can make an impact.

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Ninety Percent

This brand has been on my radar for awhile. I first spotted it on a former work colleague on Instagram and was immediately intrigued by the unique premise the company is built on. 90% of the profits are shared between charitable causes and those who work on each collection. You are also able to direct your money to the cause you would most like to support. It’s a concept that is much needed in fashion, an industry that all too often, takes more than it gives back. Plus, the clothes are cool too. Think loungewear and easy basics with a modern spin

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Marble Partners

Even before it came back into fashion, I have had a long-standing obsession with marble – it is the endless variation of veining that I find fascinating. I recently stumbled across this British company which uses off-cuts and salvaged pieces of marble to create sustainable and strikingly beautiful patchwork tables and hand-carved decorative items. This coffee table in particular has shot straight to the top of my dream interiors wish list – it might be staying there for awhile too – angular furniture is just not practical with a tearaway two-year-old!

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Little Cotton Clothes

I prefer shopping online than traipsing through shops, but most of the time items are delivered in unnecessary, unrecyclable plastic packaging. Therefore it was a lovely surprise to find a delivery I received from childrenswear label Little Cotton Clothes packaged entirely in paper. Founded by two British sisters, the collections feature sweet, traditional silhouettes in pretty prints. Aside from the detailed designs, what makes this small brand stand out is their dedication to ethical production. Each piece is handmade in a small factory where workers are fairly paid and looked after. Plus, any waste fabric is donated to a charity in India who recycle it to make clothes for families in need. 

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Meri Meri

I am planning Isla’s 3rd birthday celebration and while I love styling a party, I always feel guilty that the tableware and decorations are designed to be used once then thrown away, with little regard to the environmental impact. This year I am going to use Meri Meri’s new eco range which includes gorgeous scalloped plates and napkins in pastel hues. While still disposable, it is biodegradable and created with natural soy-based dyes.

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Casa Raki

Simple, chic and sustainable. This new swimwear brand focuses on timeless designs in block colours that are created with the planet in mind. Matches have already snapped up the debut collection. While I love the Ana bikini, these days I prefer a one-piece so the Maggie swimsuit is my pick. 

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My Wardrobe Mistakes

What could be more eco-friendly than re-circling fashion? While certainly not the first site to sell pre-loved designer fashion, the tight edit of this online boutique makes it easy to shop (they ship worldwide too) and I like the fact that the founder, Virginie is on a mission to make us rethink our approach to shopping. It’s also a great place for spotting standout runway pieces from previous season collections that you missed (for a lot less than the original price.) 

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