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The Tale of Anouska Schollay

Photography: Julie Adams Words: Georgia Macmillan

Anouska Schollay is one of those enviable mothers who always looks chic and cool, even in her gym gear or a casual kaftan thrown over a bikini, and her home is a direct reflection of this too. The beautiful modern home in Australia's sunny Noosa is welcoming with its high ceilings and natural light, great use of monochrome and coastal touch. The creative Schollay is also partial to transforming pieces herself. “I love DIY and honouring the sense of sentimentality attached to pieces handed down from family, as they have their own story and sense of history that can’t be achieved with new objects – I like to bring them into the now with new paint or upholstery or purpose.”

Schollay, who’s background is in graphic design and advertising, is one half of design practice The March Collective, and together with business partner Brook Marsh, they create seriously covetable and edgy wall art printed on stretched canvas and paper. Their work boasts strong lines and most importantly looks great and makes you feel good. I’m a big fan of their polka dot range, pineapples and classic PUNK print. The majority of sales are within Australia via their website, so international orders give them a buzz. “Our favourite sale was to an excellent Japanese restaurant in Milan. We have also sent canvases and prints to LA, New York, Denmark and China. Every single sale excites us. We love to see where the piece is headed.”

When we visit Schollay and her daughters, Elke, 7, and Kit 5, it’s a stunning blue-sky day in Noosa, the pool is sparkling with lush tropical trees surrounding, and their house is organised and immaculate. All three are perfect hostesses. The girls’ rooms are spacious and calm filled with eclectic and sentimental pieces that have been collected over time.

Schollay says she enjoys watching her girls grow older, but the challenges as a parent are constantly changing. “The hardest part is being consistent. The older they get the more you must be consistent with discipline and teaching them the difference between right and wrong. James and I try to be consistent with how we are raising them, and try not to laugh when they are being naughty. Now that they’re older there is a lot more problem solving and helping them sort through their emotions and feelings. To be honest it’s a lot more erratic now that they have their own voices and opinions and emotions to help them deal with. It’s not just keeping them bathed, fed and sleeping anymore, it’s about raising them and teaching manners, values and self confidence to help them navigate their own paths.”

Schollay says she’s become more relaxed and pragmatic about finding that elusive life balance juggling motherhood, work and running a household, “I am realising that true balance means letting go at times and not sweating the small stuff. So sometimes I am organised and sometimes I am not. Sometimes the house is perfect and sometimes it’s not. I am still learning to cope with the ‘not’ times but I’m getting there.”

As for living in Noosa, it couldn't be a more idyllic place for raising children. "We are well aware how lucky we are that we can live here and enjoy the lifestyle we do. Obviously the beach is the greatest highlight," she says. "Friends and family are always here on holiday so socially we don’t feel isolated. And we’ve made great new friends here as there are so many people raising their families here now, who 15 years ago probably wouldn’t have left a big city to do so. It really makes it easy for us as parents as they have a beach for a backyard and all the activities that go with that like surfing and Nippers. Hopefully growing up in this environment will keep them ‘outdoorsy’ their whole lives."

Anouska’s little list of loves:
Spending time with friends and family – it gets easier as the children are older as we can be more flexible.
English Breakfast Tea – I don’t like coffee but I must have tea in the morning.
Travelling – we didn’t do a lot in our first five years of marriage so we are trying to make up for it, especially now the children are older. I love watching them experience new things. I also adore our own adult getaways with just the two of us or with friends.
Having help with the girls – I couldn’t manage to fit everything into my days without help a few days a week.
The Pumpkin and Sage Gnocchi at Locale Restaurant in Noosa.
Reading and watching great books be turned into films.
There are so many great ones being produced right now.
Ice cream – any kind, any time of the day.
Collaborating with Brooke as she’s one of my best friends and it’s ALWAYS fun.
Champagne, rose and espresso martinis.
More freedom - I can generally have showers now without being interrupted. I get the odd sleep in. We can go out a little more and I can pamper myself more now that the girls are older.



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