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As We All Stay In, ergoPouch’s New Collection Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Let's get straight to the facts. Parents (particularly of babies) are obsessed with sleep. How much they're receiving (or not). How to optimise their children's sleep environments. How do dress them correctly for the season. How to make sure every second of shut-eye counts. Need we go on?

Now in this environment when we’re all forced to stay at home … Let’s just say that obsession has been stepped up a notch. Which is why ergoPouch – always our go-to for all things child sleep-related – has become even more of a staple in the homes of The Grace Tales team. If you’re not already deeply familiar with ergoPouch, then you’re about to be. A celebrity favourite amongst the likes of Zoe Foster Blake, Rebecca Judd and Emilee Hembrow, Australian ergoPouch has quickly earned itself the reputation of being the pinnacle of organic, ethical, sustainable baby and toddler sleepwear. With popular products typically selling out within weeks of launch (yes, really), the brand’s latest unveiling, the AW20 collection, is amongst one of their highest anticipated releases. This collection was formed with ergoPouch parents in mind, drawing inspiration from consumer-lead ideas, allowing for a brand experience that places the ergoPouch consumer at the forefront of their innovations.

As well as being safe and optimised for your child's sleep, the range is beautiful enough to justify keeping your kids in their pieces all day. (Thank goodness.)

Regardless of where your child is at in their sleep routine, there’s a piece that will fit the bill.

Highlights of the range include:

The ergoPouch Pyjama; 1.0 TOG pyjamas suitable for kids aged 2-5 years, featuring slim fit, ultra0stretchy organic bamboo and cotton, designed for a seamless journey through toilet training and preschool. The 1.0 TOG rating provides a thicker pyjama than what’s commonly found on the market, keeping kids warm during cold nights as they learn how to use their blankets in a big bed. 

The 3.5TOG Sheeting Bag with sleeves is a customer-lead innovation that features 1.0TOG organic cotton sleeves for extra warmth, designed to keep babies warm in winter without the risk of overheating. The Sheeting Bag is designed for room temperatures between 14°C and 20°C, and features a luxurious 400-thread count organic cotton outer and lining. The Mint Clouds print will also be available for children aged 3-6 years who still love their sleeping bags.

Two-Piece Bodywear also continues to be a staple in the AW20 collection, following the success of the Bodywear launch to the ergoPouch brand in 2019. The line of organic, ribbed essentials are available in two new styles; pant and top separates, in the colours Sterling and Primrose. 

L-R: The 3.5TOG Sheeting Bag, available in sizes 2-12m, 8-24m and 12-36m, in prints Mint Clouds, Fawn, and Quill, $84.95. The ergoPouch Pyjama is available in 3 limited edition Pouch Tale Prints (Fawn, Quill and pebble), $44.95

As with all ergoPouch products, AW20 is certified organic, using only non-toxic fibres that are skin friendly and sensitive to eczema and dry skin conditions...

All of ergoPouch’s products are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind and continue to wear the title of sleep-saviour for every developmental milestone. What’s more, all ergoPouch swaddles, sleeping bags, sleepsuit bags and sleep onesies come with a nursery thermometer and What to Wear Guide. Sleep obsession, you’ve met your match.

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