At Last, Somewhere To Officially Lose Your Rag | At London’s Gymbox |

At Last, Somewhere To Officially Lose Your Rag

It is a mother’s wont to stay calm, hold it together and bite her tongue.

But should all of this mind control make you feel like – in the words of mummy blogger Hurrah for Gin – going Batshit crazy, may we introduce a new anger-focused fitness class launching at London’s Gymbox. Mindful it’s not. These Anger Management classes – essentially a High Intensity Interval Training class with added fury venting – come with supersized equipment that you can, well, knock seven bells out of. Take a mallet to an enormous tyre or swing a weighted ball against a wall? The gym invites you to be their guest. In fact the instructors are positively encouraged to rile attendees – should you not be feeling sufficiently apoplectic. The ten-step circuit promises 45 minutes of sweat-drenching frustration release, and while we would never encourage violence of any kind – this is strangely gratifying and stress-relieving. To finish, there is some cooling-off meditation to ensure your emotions are all in check before you head back to the children and that Play Doh ground into the carpet. Now excuse me while I find my baseball bat.