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Beauty Elixirs, Do We Really Need Them?

You’ve blended your way to inner beauty with green smoothies, now just a few drops of an elixir can give you a perkier complexion...

While beauty from the inside isn’t a new concept, the drinkable beauty trend is gaining momentum. Why? They can help to beautify you from the inside out with skin-loving ingredients like ginger, zinc, grape-seed extract and vitamin C. And, lets face it it’s much easier than shopping, chopping and blending your way to glowing skin. By just adding these beauty elixirs to water or drinking them as a tea, you are halfway there to radiant skin. But, the question is, do they really work? According to Sydney-based skin and nutrition expert Fiona Tuck, a small dose of these elixirs could potentially help the skin, but it depends on how nutrient-dense they are and what the fillers and binders are. “If there are added sugars, preservatives, colours, gums and flavours, put it back on the shelf,” she advises, adding that “collagen elixirs are basically just protein, but the skin also needs the amino acids from protein for collagen production, so yes they can work, depending on the amount that’s in there and what other skin goodies they contain”. Tuck also recommends herbal teas to give the skin a boost, as they can be very powerful and a good way to introduce the benefits of herbs into your daily routine. “Go for ones that contain anti ageing antioxidants like Rooibos and green tea, and teas such as calendula and mint to help soothe and calm the skin, especially those that suffer with inflammation and redness.” She also says that we mustn’t forget nutrient powders, as they are a good way to get nutrients into the system and are quickly absorbed. “The skin is one of the first places to show the signs of stress and nutrient deficiencies, so nutrient-rich beauty powders can be very beneficial, especially if you have gut problems or a diet that has been less than average.” If it sounds like you, then adding one of these superfood beauty elixirs to your regime could be a good thing for inner and outer beauty. Here are the ones that have passed the test… Words: Sarah Brooks-Wilson