Behind The Scenes At Our First #GRACETALKS Event |

Behind The Scenes At Our First #GRACETALKS Event

Last Friday we held our very first GRACE TALKS event in Sydney’s Centennial Park…

What was it all about? The struggle, the juggle and the joy of motherhood. We talked about, well, pretty much everything because when it comes to motherhood, there’s nothing better than talking to like-minded women. This motherhood gig isn’t easy – it’s without question the best thing you’ll ever do, but it’s also ok to admit that there are times when it’s also the hardest. Host Georgie Abay was joined by four incredible speakers – Courtney Adamo from Babyccino and Somewhere Slower (she had only just flown in from Los Angeles with her five children – did someone say #supermom), Prue Gilbert from Grace Papers, author Lauren Sams and Eat Fit Food founder Bianca Monley. Talk about a stellar line-up of speakers. They all shared their inspiring words of wisdom with us from how to handle toddler meltdowns (Bianca from Eat Fit Food gets everyone to stop and take three deep breaths – we’re going to try this one), to how they approach digital devices around children to how to build a business from scratch. Watch our wrap-up video of GRACE TALKS here (click on the link above to watch the video) and see all the action below. Stay tuned for details on our next event. And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who came and our amazing sponsor QV! Photography: Gui Jorge | Videographer: Morgan Touvron

Lauren Sams is the author of two books: Crazy, Busy, Guilty and She’s Having Her Baby. Buy them here

The Grace Tales founder Georgie Abay

Georgie Abay interviewing author Lauren Sams

Eat Fit Food founder Bianca Monley

Grace Paper’s Prue Gilbert

Babyccino’s Courtney Adamo

Grace Paper’s Prue Gilbert, Eat Fit Food’s Bianca Monley, The Grace Tales’s Georgie Abay, Babyccino’s Courtney Adamo, author Lauren Sams

Grace Paper’s Prue Gilbert and Eat Fit Food’s Bianca Monley; Babyccino’s Courtney Adamo, author Lauren Sams, The Grace Tales’s Georgie Abay, The Grace Tales’s editor-in-large Emily Armstrong 

The QV Skincare table 

Gift bags from Ladurée

The bumper GRACE goodie bag – see what was inside below