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The 5 best double prams

Now that your pregnancy bump is once more making its presence known, it makes sense to bite the bullet and opt for a double buggy. That’s because there will be days when you just have to get outside and if the eldest decides they’re not walking well, say goodbye to fresh air if you only have a single pram...

But more importantly, double buggies are the safest way to move toddlers around when you’ve more than one. Having them neatly strapped in means you know exactly where they are while on the move and which, in turn, keeps your own stress levels nice and even.

Double buggies come in three main types – tandems, twins (side by side seats) and convertibles. Before you invest in one (and they can cost a lot) you’ll need to do quite a bit of weighing up the pluses and minuses. Don’t get exasperated though, we’ve already done this stressful bit for you. Take a quick look here at some of our best double prams and why we think you’ll love them.

Image: @candicelake pushing a Joolz pram

The Joolz Geo

Inspired by French romance, this collection is the newest range for the Joolz Geo. It’s one of the most stylish double prams on the market and we love that the comfortable and spacious carrycot features a hypoallergenic and breathable mattress and has a soft zone around the head of your baby. The hood is also provided with an Air Top mesh which can be opened for a refreshing breeze and fresh air. Top of our list.

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The Mountain Buggy Duet

With both seats sitting side by side, this double buggy allows your little ones to amuse each other. The beauty of this system is that it’s no wider than a single buggy. Easy to walk around with, it’s great for twins. Drink spills and food can be easily wiped clean from the seat liners (which are also reversible).

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Phil and Ted's Promenade Pram

A good convertible buggy for getting siblings around town in, this New Zealand brand is well-known for its ‘inline double’ buggy system. The Promenade is the first to have a reversible seat while both seats can be adapted to ‘carry cot’ mode. Toddlers in both seats get a view – unlike some lower seats on other double buggies, such as the Stokke Crusi.

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Mima Kobi Pram

The rather sleek and very modern-looking Mima Kobi pram comprises a clever seat pod containing two carrycots. Its Danish designer insisted on the seats being both parent and forward facing. Foam-filled wheels make the pram a very smooth ride around town for little ones and easy to push for a parent. The seat wipes clean very easily.

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The Bugaboo Donkey

A single pushchair which converts to a double in just three clicks, this has big swivel wheels, making it ideal for countryside as well as town walks. The seats can be both reclined and reversed depending on you – or your toddler’s – mood. It’s lightweight and isn’t too big to fold into an average car-sized boot.

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