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The Five Best Prams To Push

Who ever knew that shopping for a pram could be so hard? It takes much more time and planning than a quick Net-A-Porter purchase. Plus, with so many on the market, how is an expectant mother to choose? At times it might even be easier to take the easy route and opt to purchase a pram that one of your friends ‘swears by and can’t live without’ but unless you have a very similar lifestyle (and car), it might be better to take some time out to do the research. Or you could let us do it for you. We thought we'd shed some light on our favourite prams on the market, ones suitable for all the different families out there.


The all-rounder: Bugaboo Chameleon 3, $1529
Ask many parents what pram they have and you’ll most likely find it's a Bugaboo. The Chameleon 3 is the perfect all-rounder: it’s a four-wheel classic design that is really hard not to fall in love with. From newborn to toddler (around four years old) this pram will adapt as your baby grows. The bassinet easily converts into a seat and the two-wheel position makes it one of the easiest prams to manoeuvre through city, snow, sand and even mountain terrain. Plus, it comes infused with a 15-year legacy of Bugaboo design that only seems to improve with age.

The details:
From infant to toddler the bassinet easily converts into a seat and vice versa. You can also reverse the handle bar to put big wheels forward and take on rough terrain. The adjustable suspension can be adjusted to your baby/toddler's weight while the reclinable seat allows your baby to sit up straight when awake and recline when relaxed. This pram comes with both a seat and bassinet.


The vintage lover: Silvercross Kensington Pram, $3499
The Silvercross Kensington pram is for parents who want to push their little one around in something ultra-luxurious and posh. A bestseller that not only offers a traditional design but comes with a hidden aspect of modern practicality as well. Each pram is handmade in Yorkshire using traditional methods and features a polished chrome chassis (that folds), a detachable body, hand stitched fabrics and hand painted fine line detailing. The work and love that goes into each pram makes the price tag worth it.

The details:
Suitable from birth with a fully flat position, it comes with a foldable chassis for transportation and storage. This stroller's large wheels come with puncture resistant tyres and a large shopping basket that's easy to clip on and perfect for carrying all of the essentials. It includes a deeply padded mattress with soft white pique cover, which offers the ultimate comfort for your baby.


Two kids: Joolz Geo Stroller, $1699
The Joolz Geo stroller is perfect for women who were blessed with twins or who are keen to expand their crew, as the cot/seat below easily adjusts to suit your growing family’s needs. The seat and cot are positioned in a way that will relieve your back when lifting your baby in and out of the pram and it can even be positioned to table height, which can be handy when you’re out at dinner. This pram comes with a removable XL shopping basket and can easily be folded to fit in any car or under stairs. It’s the ultimate pram for expanding families.

The details:
Compact and easy to manoeuvre, this pram offers three configurations suitable for one child, two or twins. With four-wheel suspension, it is easy to take turns and avoid bumps and obstacles. The comfortable and spacious cot comes with a hypoallergenic mattress and a soft zone for the
head of your baby, and includes a sun hood that features a hidden ventilation opening that allows an extra flow of fresh air.


The runner: Bugaboo Runner, $950
This pram is for the parents who could never dream of leaving their bub out of their active lifestyle. It’s Bugaboo’s newest jogging stroller, complete with its own seat. It comes with a large under seat designed to hold all of your essentials, and parents can choose to have their bub facing them or out into the world. It’s light and super easy to fold.

The details:
This pram comes with an easy and quick-access handlebar brake to control speed and stop at any
moment. The handlebar height can be adjusted to suit both parents' needs. Mudguards are included on all three wheels to keep them clean and safe from flying debris, while the specially designed in-built suspension helps to absorb shocks while you run.


The traveller: Mountain Buggy Nano, $349.95
Ask any parent what they use when they travel and you’ll most likely hear the words ‘Mountain Buggy Nano’. Weighing in at less than 6kg, this pram is lightweight and can easily fit into a range of carry on luggage units in planes, trains and even cars, which makes travelling with a little one so much easier. It comes with an easy two-step foldable system that will turn the pram into the size of a travel satchel. Parents can use the exposed handle to take it on board their mode of transport or add a strap and turn it into a piece of carry on luggage.

The details:
With its foldable features, parents can fold or open this pram with a flick, making it perfect for packing and unpacking wherever you are. This pram comes with a push pedal brake and rear wheel suspension ensuring your baby enjoys a comfortable and safe ride. The two front wheels can be locked straight or swivel for manoeuvrability in tight spaces, making it ideal for busy airports or train stations. The 'Mountain Buggy Nano' is suitable for newborns and toddlers up to four years of age.

Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi