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Bodylove Pilates Introduce Kids’ Classes

"As a mum of three kids, I have spent a lot of time, just killing time, while I wait for my kids to do their after school activities,” says Bodylove Pilates founder Ali Handley.

It’s something we can all relate to. Waiting for ballet, karate, gymnastics, swimming … And as a mum of three kids, Ali knew all too well how hard it is to juggle everyone’s after school activities, while also somehow carving out time for you to work out as well. And so, she created Bodylove Kids.

Having launched on Tuesday, October 15th, with Bodylove Kids, children can enjoy fun, creative and mindful classes at the same time as their parents undertake a Reformer class – right next door. In other words, no time wasted with multiple drop-offs and pick-ups, with everyone leaving happy.

“ "I wanted Bodylove to really be about community. I wanted to build out ways to best serve and support our community. Many of our members are mums just like me so I feel like programs like Bodylove Kids come from a very authentic place of understanding." Ali Handley ”

The program is for school-aged children and classes run for 45 minutes. 

On Tuesdays, they offer two dance classes:

  • 3.30pm – Little Movers: a high energy dance class for Kindergarten and Year 1 students, with a mix of ballet and jazz. Students will learn the importance of warming up their bodies and stretching their muscles, before getting taken through fun exercises and simple dance combinations.
  • 4:30m – Little Groovers: a high energy dance class for Year 2 & 3 students with a mix of ballet and jazz. Students will begin to learn more technical elements to prepare them for dance training. This class will be focusing on dance technique and exercises that will improve their dance skills whilst building their confidence through movement & lots of fun music! 

On Thursdays, they offer yoga for kids – Zen Kids 1 & Zen Kids 2. Using the Rainbow Yoga Technique, Zen Kids classes combine yoga with music and engaging stories to create fun, mindful movement and meditation, benefiting them both on and off the mat.  Timings are:

  • 3.30pm – Zen Kids 1 –  Kindergarten – Year 2
  • 4.30pm – Zen Kids 2 – Year 3 – Year 5

Classes are drop-in only, for $25, with a sibling discount of $18. 

Find out more at Bodylove Pilates.