Breaking News – IVF Treatment in Australia is Approved to Resume

While won’t quite be spilling into the streets tonight, we will be celebrating. This afternoon Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that following a review of COVID-19 infection rates, fertility clinics were approved to resume operations.

It’s a much-needed spot of good news following a difficult time for many. Fertility treatment can be a lengthy and emotional process at the best of times. So when the coronavirus restrictions came into place in Australia a few weeks ago, it was a devastating blow to would-be parents that IVF treatment would fall under the ‘elective surgery’ ban and be temporarily suspended.

Genea Medical Director, Associate Professor Mark Bowman said, “it is wonderful news we can open our doors again and support those longing for a family, many of our patients don’t have time to waste.” With time of the essence in many fertility journeys, it’s welcome news that Genea operations will return on 27 April 2020. In a media statement they confirm that ‘patients wishing to start a stimulated IVF cycle, frozen embryo transfer cycle and egg and sperm freezing can do so’.

Of course, the pandemic is not over, and as always, Genea will take every precaution. They confirm that “Genea clinics returning to operation will continue to require strict social distancing measures to reduce the risk of infection amongst patients and staff. Fertility Specialists and Nurses will consult via video, and all necessary clinic and day surgery visits will be timed carefully”.

Anyone familiar with Genea’s operations will know they’re in safe hands. Dr Bowman tells us, “over the past month our counsellors, doctors, nurses and scientists have all worked hard to support patients unable to access services. We will continue to do all we can to ensure patients feel safe and supported in our environment.”

While a glass of bubbles may not be the most appropriate celebration, we’re clinking our virtual glasses to this news.

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