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The Tale Of Canna Campbell


Photography: Julie Adams Make-up: Regina Gao Hair: Matt Jones for Oscar Oscar Salons in Paddington Words: Georgie Abay

Given rest is how our body renews, Sydney-based financial planner and owner of SASS Financial Canna Campbell looks remarkably fresh for someone who hasn’t had much sleep over the past few months. “I would love to say that my 11-month-old son Rocco has always shared my love affair for sleep, however when he hit five months, we found it challenging to get him to sleep through, even though he was doing it initially,” she says. She did what all mothers should do when the sleep deprivation gets too much, she booked a five night stay at Tresilian, Australia’s largest child and family health organisation. “I resisted doing this for so long as I was told that the nurses have a very matronly approach, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. They were absolutely amazing and took such a gentle and caring approach with both me and Rocco.” She was taught how to read her son’s signals, tweaked his routine, but most importantly, as she puts it, “they installed a new found confidence in my skills as a mother.”

The stylish Campbell lives in a beautifully renovated Paddington terrace house with her husband Mark and their two dogs, Giuseppe and Sophia. She launched SASS Financial nine years ago. “I work around Rocco and the nanny, even if it means popping into the office on a Sunday to review a report or getting up at 5am to call my international clients.” When she’s with her son, she makes it count. “I really make a conscious effort to make it quality time.” In other words: no phone, no Facebook, no TV and no chores. “It’s just him and me inventing games and songs together and making each other laugh.”

Campbell gets a lot of people asking her for financial advice after the birth of their child. “They suddenly feel the overwhelming responsibility that comes with having a baby. Their questions and concerns can vary from saving for their child’s education, managing budgets, paying off the mortgage, to ensuring a comfortable retirement or even life insurance,” she says. After she became a mother, she opened up an investment portfolio for her son and started buying him some Australian shares. “I have comfort knowing that I am taking the right steps now that will help make those things happen,” she says.



As for what keeps her sane, Campbell says: “We have a great morning ritual where we walk the dogs as a family and then get coffees at French Press café as well as super yummy but healthy fresh hot muffins. My husband knows how sacred this part of the day is and helps make it happen, even when we have both been up during the night with Rocco.”

Canna’s little list of loves:
Almond milk cappuccinos from French Press café.
A clean and tidy house.
TED talks – there are some great ones on conscious parenting.
A workout at Virgin Active followed by a spa.
Story time with Rocco cuddled up on the sofa with the dogs.
My green breakfast smoothie.
Walks in the park with the dogs.
Time out with my girlfriends and a bottle of champagne (or more).
My iPad.
Hugs from my husband.

March 2014


I enjoy getting dressed for work a lot more than I used to...

I think that is because I know that I am not going to have food and vomit splattered across me for eight hours straight. I get excited about putting on a silk blouse and pencil skirt knowing that I won’t have the hassle of another trip to the dry cleaners. As soon as I am home, I jump into some casual shorts or pants and a basic T-shirt where everything can be thrown into the wash and it doesn’t matter. I love the Peter Alexander ones, they are so soft and reasonably priced.


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