Celebrity Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer on Positive nutrition and Her Road to Motherhood - Episode​ 22 of The Grace Tales Podcast - The Grace Tales

Celebrity Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer on Positive nutrition and Her Road to Motherhood – Episode​ 22 of The Grace Tales Podcast

Like so many women, British celebrity nutritional therapist and best-selling author Amelia Freer just assumed she’d one day be a mother. But as she ended her thirties, she suffered a spate of miscarriages – including one that occurred while Freer was appearing on live TV, promoting one of her best-selling books – and doctors told her to prepare for a life without children.

Her chances of becoming pregnant, they said, were incredibly low. “It was quite brutal to accept that my future was going to look different to how I had imagined,” she says. “But I don’t think I really accepted it or gave up, I just quietly hoped for a miracle. I saw it as yet another of life’s hurdles and I do have an attitude of just seeing how things turn out.” It’s this attitude – and a healthy dose of reproductive luck, of course – that saw Freer fall pregnant at 41 with her first child. Her beautiful daughter, Willow, is now two and a half.

During her pregnancy, Freer’s attitude to health stayed as sensible as it has always been. With a focus on gut health, vegetables and good fats, Freer has always steered away from fad diets and trend-based superfoods when it comes to her clients (who include Victoria Beckham, James Corden and Sam Smith, among others). Victoria Beckham has said Freer taught her “so much about food; you’ve got to eat the right things, eat the right healthy fats.”

She’s written four books (her fourth book Simply Good For You celebrates the joy and the nutrition of food, and features over a hundred delicious, quick and non-nonsense recipes that are as healthy as they are tasty). Her third book, Nourish and Glow: The Ten Day Plan was borne of Freer’s no-nonsense approach to nutrition. Based on a modified version of the Mediterranean diet, Freer says the book is a great place to start for anyone looking to improve their nutrition. As in all of her work, there’s an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and complex grains.

We caught up with the inspiring Freer to talk motherhood, the experience of miscarriage and more. In our conversation, we cover:

  • The joy and the nutrition of food.
  • The psychological and social aspects of nutrition.
  • How Amelia’s approach is driven by ‘Positive Nutrition’ and it’s not perfectionist.
  • Why we aren’t understanding that diets simply don’t work.
  • What should we actually eat in a day?
  • How many of us are dehydrated and how this has a massive impact on our wellbeing.
  • Pregnancy loss and her motherhood journey
  • How to nurture our bodies after we have children.
  • Time management and the power of “no”

To find out more about Amelia Freer, go to ameliafreer.com