Claire Delmar Does Christmas
Claire Delmar (Creative Director of the famed STUDIO CD Design) shares her most coveted items for the Christmas table...

"Influenced by my recent trip to France and Maison et Objet I'm pulling together tones of olive, green, amber and mustard through linen napkins and glassware. I'll mix these colours in with light honey toned timber accents in bowls and serving ware to create a casual appeal. Thick stemmed glassware with handmade plateware will add an organic appeal with native florals and ceramic vases to complete the earthy and organic setting for family and friends.

Many of the selected items I've picked up on my recent trip will make a feature alongside pieces already found in my home and items I am coveting that will be picked up to complete the setting. "

Ready to be inspired?

Merci Merci linen napkins in olive, pastel green and mustard. 

Timber and stone Japanese serving plates.

Wrapping gifts in textural boucle fabric with green and mustard ribbons.

Nicolette Johnson vases in green for table decoration.

Merci Merci cutlery set.

Mixing a selection of wine glasses found at Masion et Objet. 

Samambaia wattle wreath. 

Handformed ceramic plates and cups.

Small terracotta serving dish.

Marble water carafe.

Decorative marble bottles.

Textural ceramic white vessel. 

Serving jug with marble lid.

STUDIO CD Design is led by creative director Claire Driscoll (Delmar) and practises within the creative spheres of residential and commercial interior design projects, residential and commercial styling projects, interior and food editorial styling, concept stores and merchandising, interior and cookbook styling, advertising campaigns and TVCs.

Alongside her practise Claire ignites creativity through personal creative projects such as the STILL art exhibition curated with photographer Felix Forest, and her blog The Palate Project where she shares her insights, latest press releases and ever evolving love of food, travel, styling and ceramics collection.

Known for creating deep emotion and feeling within spaces and vignettes her expert use of texture, materiality, tone and colour sees her as one of Australia's well known creatives. @clairedelmar


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