Coffee With: Financial Planner & SugarMammaTV Founder Canna Campbell

It’s official: the holidays are over and we’re all getting stuck into the new year. The summer break is lovely, of course, but the Christmas and new year period can often a financially stressful one for families, which brings us onto Frugal February...

Financial planner and founder of SugarMammaTV Canna Campbell is halfway through the challenge and is inspiring her 80K+ YouTube followers to do the same. In a nutshell? It’s basically about forgoing any non-essential purchases during February. If it’s not supermarket shopping or a bill, it’s not essential. No new clothes. No restaurants. No beauty appointments. Once you put restrictions on yourself around not buying, you’ll realise how much you actually spend (and how much of it is frivolous). Of course, there are some things for Campbell which are non-negotiable such as her morning coffee, so one of the first things she did was stop drinking takeaway coffees and started making her own at home using her Nespresso VERTUO Plus machine. We caught up with Campbell to talk about her challenge, her new book, The $1000 Project, and motherhood.

CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE. Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo and Jenny Guo | Video: Jenny Guo | Hair and makeup: Sarina Zoe | In association with Nespresso

How do you start your day?

Starting my day on a powerful note is essential. I need to jump out of bed with the right headspace and attitude for the day. I wake up early at least a few days per week so I can use the precious and peaceful hours of the morning to get exercise, meditate, listen to motivating podcasts and clear my emails so when I enter the office I can get straight into my workload. I find that when I prioritise my 5am morning wake ups early in the week, I can go a little easier on myself later on in the week as the weekend approaches. I’ll often go for a walk to the beach or take the dogs to the park.


What’s your approach to health and wellbeing?

It’s always a work in progress with room for improvement but definitely a priority for me, especially my emotional wellbeing. This year, I am making a conscious effort to still be efficient, but slow down. Even if that means saying no sometimes. When I put myself and my needs first, I come out a happier and more patient person, who can then be a more supportive helping hand in a family unit.

How do you motivate yourself?

I am easily inspired. I think everything is amazing on so many different levels. That drives me to explore and try things out. When I feel growth or progress, that fuels my motivation. I love setting challenges and goals for myself, seeing how I can raise my bar. However, I always listen to my body when it needs a break to recharge.


What do you love about coffee?

Coffee is a part of my morning ritual and something I really look forward to. There is something so comforting about those first sips of coffee in the morning that help you start the day feeling supported. I bond with my friends over a coffee or reconnect with my partner Tom over coffee and it keeps me company in the early hours of the morning when I am up in the solitude and peace and quiet. The new VERTUO line also produces a perfect long cup of coffee, so it makes that morning coffee ritual a little longer which is nice!


What are some of the benefits from making it at home?

Oh, so much more than I expected! I’m loving enjoying a homemade coffee on the sofa in the privacy of my own home with my feet up! The time that I get back to not rush to a cafe, waiting to order, waiting to pay and waiting for it to be made. I feel a lot more relaxed and my wallet is disturbingly fuller at the end of each week, which is a pleasant surprise. Not only am I saving time and money, making my own coffee at home is an environmentally sustainable choice since Nespresso coffee capsules are recyclable. So that’s another bonus!


Tell us about your Frugal February challenge?

It’s a financial fast. It’s 28 days where I take the time to be more present and conscious before I spend money. Where I refresh my self-discipline muscles, reground myself and get in touch with my values. It’s about changing little habits such as skipping that take away coffee and muffin, to having a quiet weekend in, which I discovered was great for my soul and relationships. The money that is not spent as I normally would is put in a separate money tin and I see what is left over by the end of the month and then do something financially beneficial for myself with that money. It really teaches you about being more mindful with money.

Your book, The $1000 Project, launches this month. In a nutshell, what’s it all about?

It is a “How To” guide to help change your relationship with money but achieving bite size and therefore more achievable mini goals of $1,000 at a time – but you create your own rules and boundaries and each time that you have $1,000 you can put the money towards credit card debt, savings, holidays, investing or even an early retirement. It’s an easy guide to mindful saving, active earning and financial wellbeing. Think of it as like a diet and exercise plan for your money.


What are your goals for 2018?

To slow down and be more present.
To write my second book, SugarMamma.
To learn how to play chess (that was a completely unachieved goal from last year).
To travel more with Rocco and Tom.


Best career advice you’ve ever been given?

Follow passion over pride.


What about motherhood - what’s your approach to parenting?

I think my style is fairly relaxed, but very much attached. Rocco is a very affectionate child, who loves to sleep my bed or sit in my lap (actually, I am his personal chairlift as he insists on being carried by me everywhere). However I think of this time as precious and I know that in the blink of the eye, he will be up to all sorts of mischief. Supporting him and guiding him to the best of my ability is my biggest priority. I want him to be a resilient but kind and conscious human being.