Coffee With: Georgie Watts From The Window Seat


Sydney based mama of two and founder of The Window Seat (a fantastic travel blog which focuses on travelling with kids in tow) is one of those all-rounders...

You know the type: funny, smart, gorgeous and really down-to-earth. You can chat with her about anything from motherhood to how she survives plane trips with kids (watch the video to get her tips on this – I’ll be following her advice next time I jump on a plane). We caught up with Watts to talk about her love of travel (did you know as a child she lived in London, Mumbai, Rio, Singapore and Sydney?), coffee (“I love the smell, the taste and the ritual of coffee”) and her favourite fashion brands. Read on for more.

Photography: Emmy Etie | Hair and makeup: Sarina Zoe | Videographer: Sam Hastwell | In association with Nespresso

Describe yourself in three words?

FLAKY! Foodie. Fun.

Tell us about your childhood - where did you grow up and what was it like?

My dad was in shipping, so we were expats, living in London, Mumbai, Rio, Singapore, Sydney… it was a lot of moving and starting new schools, but so much travel. I thank my dad for my love of travel and interest in other cultures.

What was it like traveling so much as a child?

Eye opening! It was very exciting, learning about other cultures, and food, and how other people live day to day. There is an education that comes from travel, that is different from school.

Biggest life lesson you’ve learnt from motherhood? 

To adapt. If something doesn’t go to plan, switch up the plan, move on, try not to get upset about it. This has served me well not only in motherhood but in our travels too.

First job?

At 14, working in the winter wear department of a Singaporean department store. Needless to say, it was pretty quiet.

Coffee is…

LIFE! I love everything about it – the smell, the taste and the ritual of coffee. There is always the delicious smell of coffee in our kitchen in the mornings!


What do you love most about your home/where you live?

Living in the inner west means we’re close to the city, close to China Town for my dumpling obsessed kids, or Marrickville for great Vietnamese food. If we want to go to the beach, it’s just a 15 minute drive and we’re there.

Greatest fear?

My kids being hurt or sick. I don’t know how I’d cope.

What makes you laugh?

My husband is very, VERY funny, and makes me laugh every day! And the kids compete to see who can be funny like their dad. They all think I’m the least funny, which seems a bit unfair!

What makes you feel stressed?

Same as everyone else I’m sure…? Are my kids happy and healthy and are they doing well at school? Mortgage woes! The state of world politics! Etc!

You don’t leave home without?

My phone. It’s my watch, a computer, my navigator and the rest!

What’s your approach to health and wellbeing?

We eat healthily and I have a glass of red wine most nights. I love to walk with music blaring in my headphones, and I try to do two Physicore classes a week. I notice the change in my state of mind when I’m unable to exercise regularly.


Parenting style?

Relaxed, yet still firm. I am the parent, not my children’s friend. Luckily they’re mostly pretty well behaved!

5 fashion items you can’t live without?

A party dress, a day dress, a white shirt, white sneakers and jeans.

Go to fashion brands?

Zimmermann, Little Tienda, Chowchilla Vintage, bassike and Tanliines.

Favourite beauty product?

I’m not great at doing my makeup, but if I have my nails done, I feel quite put together (and only ever OPI Big Apple Red or Don’t Burst My Bubble). Having a hairdresser who gets you and gets what you need from your hairstyle is also handy. Donna and Liam at Edwards and Co are the best.

Life motto?

Don’t die wondering! Try new things!

You’ve got five minutes to yourself – what do you do?

Waste it scrolling through Instagram!

The Window Seat is…

My family travel blog. A creative outlet, and a place to share information on making travel with kids easier, and ultimately more enjoyable.

Next travel destination?

My annual girls weekend in couple of weeks! We’re off to Hobart, and it’s my first time. I can’t wait to explore the food scene, as well as Mona and Bruny Island.

The last meal you ate?

Roast chicken with all the trimmings. Comfort food at its best.

Next restaurant you want to visit?

I really want to take Mez to Fleet in Brunswick Heads when we drive through later in the year. If I could eat anywhere in Australia right now, I’d hop on a plane to Adelaide and get to FINO at Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley. It’s last meal stuff. Always exciting, and delicious, despite its simplicity.

Survival tips for holidays with kids?

Don’t let it get you down if your plans fall through, make a new plan! Don’t be overly ambitious, as little legs tire faster than ours, and junior attention spans are shorter. I always pack a ‘Christmas backpack’ with a few new toys, textas, notepads, modelling clay, a healthy snack, a not so healthy snack, and an iPad with a few new apps and movies on it. Keeps them busy on long drives or flights.