CUB + SCOUT Have Made Baby Bags That Are As Stylish As They Are Functional. Yes, That's A Miracle |

CUB + SCOUT Have Made Baby Bags That Are As Stylish As They Are Functional. Yes, That’s A Miracle

Along with from the pram and the cot, expecting mothers know all too well that the "baby bag" is right up there among the most important pre-baby purchasing decisions. (The fact that the perfectly-selected pram and cot will have little impact on whether our babies will actually sleep or behave is beside the point.)

A well-stocked baby bag, on the other hand, can truly result in less manic anxiety on those blessed moments when we finally leave the house. And if that bag also happens to be as stylish as it is functional? Well, that’s worth celebrating. One of our newest GRACE Collective Business Members, CUB + SCOUT have done just that. Born out of its two founders’, Pip Reed and Christina Phillips, fruitless search for a carryall bag that paired aesthetic style with functional design for those on the go, CUB + SCOUT was born. We spoke to Pip and Christina about what makes a well-packed baby bag, and how they delicately manage the balance of friendship, business and babies.  

Getting out of the house with a newborn can be a battle that’s sometimes doesn’t feel worth fighting. But, a well-stocked bag can make all the difference. What’s included in your must-pack bag for an outing with a new baby?

The CUB + SCOUT MUMSET is the perfect combo to fit all of the necessities for your newborn in its easy to find compartments and pockets. Most importantly, we always keep the CUB + SCOUT POUCH stocked with the essentials – nappies, a pack of our favourite Tooshies wipes, a dummy, and Mustela creams. In our carryall, for our minis, we always have a CUB + SCOUT CHANGE MAT, an extra set of clothes, a muslin wrap, a burp towel, and a bottle if needed. For ourselves, we include our wallet, keys, lip gloss, phone, and a reusable Sol coffee cup. We love how much The Leader Carryall fits! Our one secret tip –  always try to repack your bag when you get home so you aren’t rushing and forget anything – baby brain is real!

What about with a toddler?

Heading out with a toddler is usually a little less daunting as their needs are more basic. We always have The C+S POUCH with the essential nappies, wipes, and our favourite creams. Then, we suggest bringing out in your C+S LEADER CARRYALL, a C+S CHANGE MAT, snacks, a B-Box Sipi Cup, a toy and all of your own necessities – phone, wallet, keys and a lip gloss, coffee cup and water bottle.

What are the benefits of a neoprene bag - particularly with children?

The best part of our CUB + SCOUT neoprene bags – especially as a mum – is that they are 100% wipeable and washable after a day out on the go with messy kids.

What is your most popular bag?

Our most popular product is our Leader Carryall. Both the Black Bear and Grey Wolf are continuously our best sellers, but the Blushing Rose is so on trend this season!

Where are your favourite places to go on adventures with your children?

We both love getting outdoors with our kids! In the summer, we spend most mornings at Camp Cove Beach or Rushcutters Park. We also love getting away on weekends to Avoca and Palm Beach with our extended families and for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. In the colder months, we are often in Yass or Bowral with our families – the kids just love being in the country!

Do you travel with your Cub + Scout bags? How do you go about stocking them for a flight?

Absolutely! We do a lot of travel and packing your bag for a flight with children is like a fine art. It’s all about planning and being as organized as possible- lay everything out before you pack your bag to ensure you have all of the essentials. As our families grow, we have designed a new, larger bag called The Essentials Bag, which is launching at the end of November – just in time for holiday travel! This bag was designed for the travelling family!

What inspired the launch of Cub + Scout?

When our Co-founder, Pip Reed, was pregnant with her son, Elliot, she noticed that there were no baby bags on the market that met her needs – they all seemed a bit “too mumsy”, overpriced, or unfunctional – the days of carrying a designer bag were over! Three weeks before she gave birth to Elliot, Cub + Scout was born, introducing the first washable, custom designed baby bag that combined functionality with style at an affordable price.

How do you manage growing your business with young families?

It’s tricky and 100 per cent a balancing act! We are lucky to have each other to support one another and understand each other as friends, mums and business partners. We literally juggle jobs between us, taking time out when our family requires attention and giving each other a helping hand or coffee delivery whenever required. Both of us weren’t ready to give up our jobs or give up time with our children, and CUB + SCOUT allows us to have the best of both worlds!

What advice do you have for mothers looking to launch a business?

It’s not easy but it’s worth it! You’ll need a good support network, an understanding partner, and we both believe that our children’s strict routines make it all work. Our main rule is that family always comes first, and as long as you realise that your customers really can wait, switch off your emails at night and take time out when required, you’ll do just fine!