A Day in the Life of Anine Bing (And The Lowdown On Her New Kidswear Line)

She’s the founder and creative force behind her eponymous label, Anine Bing. She’s also a mother of two and fashion influencer who seriously knows how to mix denim, leather and lace. Today, we step inside a day in the life of designer and dynamo, Anine Bing…

Editor: Marisa Remond | Go to www.aninebing.com

I’m normally up super early, around 6am...

I rise early and I go to bed early, it just makes me way more productive and energised through the day. Plus I have kids I have to get ready for school and like to head to the office by eight. The minute I wake up I kiss my kids and husband, but I’ll usually also check emails soon after waking up. Not on the weekends though, that’s family time.

I definitely check in on Instagram in the morning to see how followers are reacting and responding to the brand. Nothing is better than seeing strong feedback over the content my team and I work hard to create. After that, I get the kids up,  brush my teeth, wash my face, put on very little makeup, put some dry shampoo in my hair, make the kids breakfast, and then we’re out the door.

I love the La Mer cleanser or anything by Sensai too. I usually save all my products for nighttime but I’ll dab on some eye cream and SPF before some tinted moisturiser, I love Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown.

I’m usually out the door quickly...

If I have to, I can be out the door in 15 minutes, so a coffee and some fruit is usually breakfast, or I’ll wait to get to the office and have some green juices or yoghurt with granola. On the weekends, pancakes with the family.

My look is some rendition of jeans, tee, jacket, and boots, and my makeup and hair routine is very simple, I don’t like to overdo it. Typically, I’m a jeans and tee shirt girl all the way so I wear some variation of that uniform. Depending on the weather I’ll wear a leather jacket or oversized sweater on top, and finish off with a statement boot that I can still be comfortable and run around in.

My kids love to be comfortable, too. My daughter, Bianca, is seven and loves to play with different outfits. She went to school recently in head-to-toe leopard and it was the cutest. My son, Benjamin is four and loves to run around so whatever is most comfortable for him. He’s loving the BING KIDS flannels and sweatshirts right now, which has been a project that is so close to my heart and one I’ve been working towards for a while. I’m incredibly proud and excited that it’s finally here.


I wish I had time for exercise...

On the weekends, we hike up Griffith Park, it’s right up the street and it’s great to go as a family.

We are very lucky to have a small staff for the house. Between running a business together and being full-time parents, my husband and I don’t have tons of time to upkeep the house. We have the best nanny, whom our kids also adore. But we definitely make Bianca and Benjamin clean their rooms, take their dishes to the sink… normal kids chores. I love a clean space so I’m always just naturally making the house look clean and cosy.

I think getting up earlier and going to bed earlier has really helped me make the most out of my days,  as both a mum and business owner. It also helps to have a few go-to outfits that you know you love and works for most occasions, so you’re not stressing about what to wear in the morning.

The status of my inbox depends on the day. Sometimes if I’m running around for meetings out of the office, by the end of the day it’s a bit chaotic! But if I’m at the office and can focus for a bit, I’m usually pretty on top of it. I make important decisions all throughout the day, sometimes late at night, sometimes mid-day, it just depends.

We have lunch catered a few times a week to the office...

So my team and I will usually sit and eat together. It’s different every day, sometimes salad, pasta, sandwiches… but it’s a great time to connect with everyone and slow down for a second.

I snack on and love candy, always have. I love fresh veggie and fruit juices too, and popcorn –  I always have a stash at my office.

In the afternoon I head out to pick up my kids from school. We play around at the house for a bit, unwind from the day, make some snacks, eat dinner together as a family, and try to spend some time outside in our backyard. When you run your own business and love what you do, you never really fully stop working. It’s a huge part of my life and I’m lucky to love it, so I’m always looking for inspiration and coming up with new ideas. But on the weekends and nights with the family, I really do try to put emails away and just be present.

Dinner is usually pretty simple in our house...

We’ll make something easy like pasta and veggies, or we’ll order in, we have amazing places in our neighbourhood. I wish I could say I’m an amazing cook.

After putting the kids in bed, my husband and I have some time just to ourselves to recap the day and spend time together. I also love to take baths, so sometimes I’ll do that if I need some time to myself, which I’ve learned over the years is so, so important…

I love and use anything by Paula’s Choice at night, especially their toner. And La Mer’s cream is such an investment piece but it makes my skin look and feel amazing, so it’s definitely worth it.

I try not to work at night, but sometimes it helps to clear my head for the day to just answer and organise some emails. We don’t watch TV and by bedtime, I’m usually exhausted so I typically just go right to sleep at 10pm.