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the tale of Deborah & grace Ogilvie

Photography: Julie Adams Words: Georgia Macmillan

Queensland’s Noosa is considered one of Australia’s most beautiful holiday destinations and stylish mother Deborah Ogilvie says it’s the perfect place to raise a family too. “Noosa provides a dream childhood. People here are interested in living healthy and active lives, so there are many outdoor pursuits available for children. As we are a coastal town, children are taught swimming, surfing, Nippers and other water sports at an early age. It’s great to see everyone enjoying the beaches after school and on the weekends." Ogilvie lives on the Sunshine Coast with her businessman husband Brent Ogilvie and keeps a busy life immersing herself in their restaurants (Aromas Noosa, Rickys Bar and Restaurant, Woodfire Grill and Locale) and raising their beautiful 11-year-old-daughter Grace.

On motherhood, Ogilvie is candid about experiencing new emotions and managing unpredicted challenges along the way. “Motherhood brings both joys and personal struggles that I did not foresee. I have learned how important it is to listen and encourage my child’s personal wisdom, rather than to intervene or immediately give my opinions. I’ve learned how important it is to let a child learn about both failure and success. Even though sometimes a parent’s heart just bursts with sadness for them or one’s whole being is itching to interfere. For me, it’s about teaching my daughter to be the best person she can be, about our family values, happiness, kindness, manners. As children grow, you get surprised to see little seeds planted in the early years actually taking root.”

Reflecting back to those early months transitioning into motherhood, Ogilvie recalls: “I made the early months of motherhood hard for myself. There can be such intense pressure put on women now to be flawless in every way. I thought I should be the ‘multi tasker’ who achieved perfection in every area, every minute of the day. In reality, it’s impossible. To achieve great success in anything you have to give a 100% of your attention. On reflection, I wish I had worried less about ridiculous things. Having a new baby is such a beautiful miracle."

The Ogilvie home is overwhelmingly elegant, harmoniously blended in the unique beachfront location. Designed by Kerry Hill, the architect behind some of the luxurious Aman Resorts, this home is sheer perfection. Attention to detail is clear, complemented by a stunning art selection and subtle furnishings. Yet with all of its luxuries, is also reflective of its owners’ unassuming and down-to-earth nature. I have known this gorgeous family for almost 15 years and every time I visit I just want to kick off my shoes, breath in the ocean air and relax in the tranquil setting. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to wake up to an ocean sunrise, steps from the beach then you’ll enjoy this profile as much as we loved shooting it.

Deborah’s little list of loves:
Listening to my daughter playing piano. I never learned to play and it fascinates me that at her young age she can read music and play and sing so beautifully.
Runs and walks through the Noosa National Park – alone or with friends. The trees, wildlife, and the ruggedness of the coastline. I never tire of this.
Playing with our dog on the beach - she is the happiest friendliest dog in the world and it is a joy to see her frolicking, swimming and rolling in the sand. She always makes me laugh.
Going to our farm in the hinterland and planning weekend getaways. This is a new rural project for us. The farm had plenty of crops but no accommodation, so for fun we’ve erected an African safari tent which is beautiful and exotic. I love imagining the farm complete, I imagine it self-sustaining, with vegetable gardens, fruit trees and farm animals that will live a long and happy lives.
Redecorating and re-styling our home. Houses have a spirit and they evolve over the years as their inhabitants’ needs change. They need to perform many different functions over the course of a lifetime. So yes, our home changes sometimes subtly and other times in a more dramatic fashion.
Relaxing with my husband free from the noise of business demands. He has the best sense of humour, a keen eye and a quick wit. I love his clever conversation and creative mind. Time spent with him is always special.
Reading with my daughter before she falls to sleep. This became a ritual when she started school. She would come home with some atrociously boring ‘readers’ so to make the homework task less laborious we would read alternate sentences and add dramatic expression and character voices and it was a great way to make a boring book interesting. We still read together most nights. Grace will choose a favourite novel and we will climb into bed and read a page or chapter each before lights out. Then we snuggle up and talk about her day as she falls to sleep. This is definitely the favourite part of my day.



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