Dr Libby Weaver on the Invisible Load and How to Stop People Pleasing | Ep 04 - The Grace Tales

Dr Libby Weaver on the Invisible Load and How to Stop People Pleasing | Ep 04

If there’s one word that probably sums up 2020 so far, it’s stress. From bushfires to pandemics, redundancies to homeschooling, it’s been a rocky road (and not always the delicious kind). Today’s podcast episode with Dr Libby Weaver helps us to unpack all the different ways we’re unknowingly adding stress to our lives, and how we can change our behaviour and attitudes to help alleviate that.

Dr Libby is an internationally acclaimed Nutritional Biochemist, author of 13 books, and highly sought after speaker. She’s an expert on women’s health, in both the mental and physical sense, and her latest book The Invisible Load is a must-read guide to overcoming stress and overwhelm.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Dr Libby speak at past Grace Tales events, and her impact was so powerful that our founder Georgie even gave up her 20-year coffee habit the day she first heard Dr Libby speak – she is just that good!

In today’s timely episode, Dr Libby Weaver tells us:

  • The difference between stress and trauma
  • Why saying no is so important for our health
  • How stress affects your hormones, your weight, your metabolism, and more
  • How what people don’t say to us often causes more stress than what they do say
  • What ‘forehead words’ are, and how they can stress us out
  • Why seven year olds all believe they’re deficient
  • Why being ego-centric makes our lives harder
  • Why calories belong in a hospital emergency room
  • How relinquishing control can calm us down
  • Why she believes life happens for us, not to us

You can find out more about Dr Libby Weaver via her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channel.

Read her latest book, The Invisible Load, here.