How to dress for a truly memorable Mother’s Day

Whatever you’re doing on Mother’s Day, you surely deserve to be wearing something that not only looks good, but that makes you feel fabulous and special...

Shop our favourite pieces that will help set the mood for a truly memorable day filled with family, love, and maybe even the odd champagne glass and new pair of heels. It’s your day after all!

Editor: Marisa Remond | Photograph: Julie Adams

A family picnic

Blend function and style with an outfit that looks just as good relaxing on a picnic rug as it does kicking a ball around.

Lunch by the beach

Ditch the sneakers and baby bag in favour of an ultra-feminine look for lunch by the sea.

A gallery visit

The cotton-lace and pocket detailing on this Self-Portrait dress give a relaxed yet refined feel for a day at your favourite gallery.

A movie and a meal

Think of leather leggings as the luxe version of your trusty activewear and get comfy for a well-deserved movie date.

Your favourite dinner spot

A night out for pizza made all the more special with this elegant floral printed dress. Swap the slides for heels for a fancier option sans-kids.

Champagne after dark

Don’t be afraid to mix an evening silhouette with a classic knit for a fresh take on date-night dressing.


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