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Editor’s Letter: Georgie

I recently started eating kale. I know, I know. I’m about five years behind the whole kale trend. I’m not going to start blending it into a smoothie with spinach in the morning or anything. That’s far too much to handle first thing. I’ll stick to my coffee. I also joined the gym eight weeks ago, which is very strange because I hate gyms...

I told the poor Irish guy who signed me up that I strongly disliked gyms so probably wouldn’t join but a couple of friends had encouraged me to check it out. They told me it has a kids club, which got me there in the first place (so I can workout while my kids are entertained by someone else? Ok I’ll go). Anyway, it turned out the gym is more like a health club than a gym gym, and I’m hooked. And the girls are hooked to jumping into the ball pit in the kids club. I actually tell them if they’re not good they don’t get to go to the gym and then they start behaving?! The reason I’m waxing lyrical about the gym is because I haven’t exercised in over four years (a few things here and there but not really more than breastfeeding and pushing a pram – they count, right?). I did do Jen Dugard’s Body Beyond Baby course for a couple of months which was amazing. But I couldn’t stick to anything. Until now. And honestly, I feel like a different person. I went through some big health issues after Lottie and it has taken me a long time to get to the point where I was ready to exercise and had the energy to focus on my wellbeing. But I’m finally ready. So I wanted to run through some of the things I’ve changed in my life recently that have made a big difference to my wellbeing. I don’t mean to preach – this is coming from the woman who ate Magnums (then Connoisseur ice cream – they’re even better) every night for months, Tim Tams by the packet and still uses wine to calm her anxiety. I am not a health nut. I love chocolate, wine and coffee, but I’m healthier than I was. So here’s the little (or big) changes I’ve made to my life recently that have made me a happier and healthier person…

I joined the gym

I think my friends might actually de-friend me if I continue to crap on about how much I love the gym. But I love the gym. I can’t even believe it’s coming out of my mouth. Like all of us, I don’t have time to exercise, but I’ve made time. It’s so important to make time for your health. Make it a priority. Once you make that decision, it’s amazing how quickly your mindset shifts. I go around four times a week (twice on the weekend). I’m socializing less and gym-ing more. For now, my focus is on getting my health on track. There is a kids club at the gym so I’m able to take the kids with me which means I get ‘me’ time and so does my husband. There’s a ball pit and lots of activities in the kids club and Arabella hasn’t stopped asking me if we can go the gym more. While I’m not sure I’ve toned up or lost any weight, my mind feels calmer, more balanced and happier which was my main goal. I also learnt during one of the dance/ballet style dances I did that I still can’t shimmy and am embarrassingly un-coordinated. Remember those girls in school who could shimmy so well? I wasn’t one of them and turns out, nothing has changed. Luckily, laughter is also good for our wellbeing.

I start eating kale and other healthy stuff

I didn’t buy into the whole kale thing, but since I have started exercising, I want to eat salad. The old me would have preferred a ham and cheese toastie. But the gym-goer me wants salad. Weird. But I’m going with it. As my girlfriend Siggy discovered when she opened my bin today and found the wrapper from a block of Cadbury, I’m still happy to eat half a block of chocolate in front of the TV at night, but it’s all about balance. 50% kale/50% Cadbury.

I’m working less

I’ve spent the last two years working like mad. When Lottie arrived, I commercialized The Grace Tales and it went from a passion project to a business. It has been an intense couple of years and after many late nights spent working, I’m ready to slow down. Honestly, I need to slow down. I think my laptop has had more love than my husband (sorry baby – I love you). And to be honest, I’m sick of working so much. Don’t worry – I’m still working a lot and there’s more happening than ever before with The Grace Tales, but I’m taking back a couple of hours a day for me. I’m making a conscious effort to not look at my phone or laptop when the girls are with me. And you know what, working a little less is working out. If anything, I’m more efficient when I am working because I’ve had a little time out.

I’m making more time for family

My beautiful grandmother who is 93 recently broke her hip. She’s currently in rehab getting better. You should see her face when I walk in with the girls (I don’t dare arrive without the girls – they’re the main attraction and an endless source of entertainment). There’s nothing that warms my heart more than seeing how happy they make her. I am guilty of not making enough time for my grandmother and Nanny over the last two years (I am so lucky to still have two!) and have vowed to see them more. I hope that when I am sitting in a retirement village one day my children’s offspring will come and visit me.

I love my work

This isn’t a change, but it’s so important. I fell out of love with my last job, and fell in love with my current job as editor/founder of The Grace Tales. One of the things that brings me the greatest happiness (my friends and family aside) is my work. I feel very lucky to edit a site I’m so passionate about and it brings me great personal fulfillment.

So what’s happening on the site this week?

We’ve profiled the gorgeous Penny Hanan from 1803 Artisan Deer Design. As someone who is obsessed with interiors, I’m very excited about sharing this story. Penny is one of those lovely, humble and grounded women who you instantly warm to. The shoot was all rather last minute and she couldn’t have been more welcoming. As a mother of two girls (aged 14 and 11) I really loved reading her thoughts on motherhood. She’s incredibly insightful and inspiring and her home – I’ll let you see for yourself! Sarah Brooks-Wilson has also written a fantastic story on how to deal with a child who has eczema. You’ll also love Eliza Ashe’s story on the golden rules of family-friendly decorating. We’ve also run a really special story on co-sleeping. Now, co-sleeping is surrounded by controversy. Critics claim it’s more for the mother than the child. That it’s unsafe. It has been described as “inherently dangerous”. I personally disagree with the idea that it’s more for the mother. In my case, my premature baby would not settle unless we co-slept. What is important when making the decision to co-sleep is understanding how to co-sleep safely and responsibly. Myself and two other mothers (Chloe Brookman from Olli Ella and Amanda Dos Santos from Little People Nutrition) have shared our stories. Read it here.  Also make sure you check out the site tomorrow to see an exclusive look at Tutu Du Monde’s celebrity-studded high tea in LA. I’m such a fan of the childrenswear label and founder Andrea Rembeck and can’t wait to share it with you. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week. If you’ve made any changes to your life recently I’d love you to share them with me! Or if you just love a bar of Cadbury at night like me, I’d also love to hear from you. Georgie xx Holding image: Grace Alyssa Kyo