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Ella McCabe Barton on Pregnancy, Podcasts & Practising Yoga

Trusty linen blouses from Worn Store, cosy knit pants from St. Agni, cashmere jumpers, bassike cotton jersey pants…

Ella McCabe Barton is listing her maternity wear staples (and we’re taking note). The mother-to-be grew up in England and moved to Australia three years ago. She met her partner and that was that – Australia is now home. After deciding that she didn’t want to just holiday in Byron Bay – she wanted to call it her home – she tapped into the creative community and landed a job at Tigmi Trading (one of our favourite home goods brands). Here, we catch up on everything from how she’s navigating pregnancy to her love of swimwear brand Hakea Swim (worn throughout this story). 

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What are some great pregnancy resources you can share? 

Self-care and making time each day to connect in, in whatever capacity that may be. I have had a daily yoga practice since the age of 18 and it has been the greatest gift and resource in my life. Having the time to connect in daily and be an observer to this wonderful life unfolding feels very important. My practice has evolved considerably over the years and now is less focused on the physical and more so on meditation and breath. 

 There are many wonderful support networks and resources available and at the beginning I found myself listening to many podcasts and talking to other women about their experiences. However, as my pregnancy develops, the inclination to go inward feels more and more important. I feel incredibly privileged to be a woman transitioning through this rite of passage into motherhood and trust that if I nurture from the inside – mother nature will allow things to unfold just as it should.

How has your pregnancy been so far?

So far, the pregnancy has been a wonderful experience. The pure joy of coming to realise that you have created a new life and that your body is creating space to nurture is quite incredible. I have definitely allowed myself to surrender to whatever it needs – mostly sleep! I did get a little nausea which started around week 7/8 and dissipated around week 12 and since then I have been feeling great. 

How did you feel when you first felt your baby kick?

The most surreal and amazing experience! It took me by surprise. I had just sat down to have my tea one morning (at about 18 weeks) and all of a sudden there were 2-3 large thumps in my lower abdomen. I giggled to myself and then found myself talking to my belly. It was a couple of weeks until my partner felt it moving and when he finally did, it was incredibly special.

Any food cravings?

The first trimester I was off a lot of foods and definitely craving more carbohydrates, however I haven’t really strayed too far off my normal diet. I did, the other day, get a very strong craving for liquorice!

What beauty products have you used throughout your pregnancy?

I have always kept a fairly simple beauty regime and I haven’t changed anything during this pregnancy. I use Dermaviduals on my face and I enjoy regular facials at Aesthetica, here in Byron Bay – it always leaves by skin feeling nourished, especially in winter! I truly believe that beauty starts from within and that what you put in will also transpire on the outside. I always start my day with a hot lemon drink and supplements where needed.

What self-care rituals do you have in your life?

Self-care for me comes in many forms. In addition to my daily yoga practice, it is important for me to be in nature daily. Whether it is a walk, a swim or a surf, taking time to connect makes such a difference to how I feel.

Has your approach to diet and exercise changed since you fell pregnant?

I have definitely slowed down. Exercise is still part of daily life, but I have modified my practice and I am continually tuning into what my body needs. When it comes to diet, I find myself often walking around our local markets or grocery stores to just buy what I feel like eating that day.

Tell me about your work with Hakea Swim?

Casey has become a dear friend over the years and I absolutely love working with her and Hakea. Her swimwear feels amazing (especially in the surf) and her creative input behind the brand makes it even more special. They are timeless pieces that wear incredibly well and fit all shapes and sizes. We are all big fans in my family!

If you could write some words to your unborn child, what would you write?

You are surrounded in love, having come from infinite love, you are one of the many individual expressions of that infinite love, you are simply love in action journeying back to infinite love.

How have you approached maternity dressing – what brands do you gravitate to?

To be honest, it took a little while for a bump to make an appearance and I managed to get away with wearing most of my clothes for quite some time. Now it has become trickier, but I do have some key pieces that are getting a lot of wear. We are very lucky to have some great brands on our doorstep here in Byron Bay! I have a few trusty linen blouses from Worn Store, cosy knit pants from St. Agni – these layered with a cashmere jumper seem to be my staples these days. Oh, and also the cotton jersey pants from Bassike.

How would you describe life in Byron Bay?

It really is a wonderful life here. Having moved from London three years ago, transitioning from a busy life working in the interiors industry to this… well, it doesn’t compare. Here, it is possible to experience the right work and life balance that is hard to find in most parts of the world. In addition, we are surrounded by the most incredible nature and by a wonderful creative community. I have made many beautiful friends who are like an extended family and almost make up for my family who I miss dearly back in the UK.

Tell us about your career path and where you are now in your career?

Having grown up in London and the South coast of England, I have always had a keen eye for design. I studied at London College of Fashion and at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, specialising in textile design. Having completed my degree, I started working in the interiors industry as an interior stylist and continued to do so, working on numerous editorial and commercial projects until I moved to Australia. After sometime here in Australia, I decided that I didn’t want Byron Bay to just be another holiday, and I started to put some feelers out for creative opportunities when I met Danielle, the founder of Tigmi Trading. I have now worked alongside her for more than two years, as creative producer, trade manager and product developer.

What’s your favourite way to start the day? 

I like to start my day practicing yoga or, in the summer, with a swim in the ocean.

Last book you read? 

I have a whole stack of books that I am currently dipping in and out of in the lead up to childbirth. These include ‘The first forty days’, ‘Ina May gaskin’s guide to Childbirth’, ‘Birthing from within’, ‘Yoga sadhana for mothers’… All are wonderful reads!

Last Podcast your listened to? 

Oh, it has been a while since the last time I ‘plugged in’! I used to listen to podcasts weekly while enjoying an infrared sauna session at Nimbus and Co, here in Byron Bay. My most listened to subscription is ‘Awake in the world’ by Michael Stone, a wonderful meditation teacher who passed a few years ago. His workshops were all record and each time I listen to him, his message seems to come at the perfect time.