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The Tale Of Emily Wassall

Photography: Jenna Potter Makeup: Sage Maitri Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Having worked in high-fashion all her life, first as an art director for Net-A-Porter and later owning her own creative agency in LA, it’s no surprise that one of the first things Emily Wassall did when she fell pregnant was search for an online store where she could buy all of her favourite kid’s fashion brands. It wasn’t long before she realised that an online store like this didn’t exist, which inspired the launch of her online boutique MINI X STYLE. The store has recently launched in the UK and stocks a mix of established kidswear brands including Mini Rodini and Nununu; high-end labels like Kenzo and Mara Hoffman; new designers I Dig Denim and Gardner & The Gang and more directional designers such as Caroline Bosmans and AKID. “Caroline Bosmans always designs the most directional collections for kids. Her SS15 collection is mind altering! I wish I could wear it all! Atelier/Child is one to watch. We love their prints for next season," says Wassall.
“Creatively I was coming to a point [in my career] where it was starting to feel like everything in the fashion world had been done before, meanwhile there was this explosion of activity happening in the kidswear market that felt new and different,” she says. “People were starting to play with the notion of what mini fashion could be and were moving towards an aesthetic that was more like adult fashion but with a playful twist. I wanted to build on that vision with MINI X STYLE and create a kid’s style destination offering the same curation, service and creativity found at my favourite grown-up stores – with a mini twist!”
Then when her daughter Aura, now 17 months, came into her life it changed her world. “It blew my mind. Just when I thought I had my life down, each day with her teaches me something new. It’s amazing to learn so much again!” she says. Wassall remembers that the first few months with Aura and the sleepless nights were “a little hazy” but her newfound love for her daughter got her through. “I remember feeling like I was floating through each day, minutes, hours, days rolled into one,” she says. Today her only advice to first time mothers is to remember that sleep deprivation won’t last forever: “You feel as though you will never sleep longer than two hours ever again but it changes so fast."
It’s her love and passion for her work that has helped her juggle the responsibilities of motherhood with her own business and she’s adamant that passion is key to being an entrepreneur. “Do what you love most, every day should be a pleasure. You have to be passionate about what you are doing because it can also be exhausting. Be prepared for nights and weekends, and battling to strike a balance between business and family,” says Wassall. “I try very hard to keep work and motherhood separate. When I am with Aura I do not look at my phone and the laptop is closed. I am all hers. This does mean once she is in bed at night I spend a lot of my evening time catching up on work and emails, but I prefer it that way.”
Today the philosophy she shares with her partner is to try to keep their lives as close to what they were like before Aura was born. “We take her to restaurants we love, we travel etc… It’s just that our pace of life is faster now. Spending two hours chatting over a bottle of wine has become one glass and run!” she says.
Wassall and her partner’s home in LA is simple and modern with a few key pieces that reflect their personal style and energy. While Aura’s room is a little brighter than their usual aesthetic. “Aura is a little ray of sunshine, so her room reflects that. It’s like a pop playground of pastels and bright colours, with graphic accents and magical creatures to watch over her." She says it sounds obvious, but love and laughter are the two things she relies on to create a happy home. “Good times create happy memories and I think you can feel that as soon as you walk through the doors of our house.”

Emily’s little list of loves:
My baby’s strawberry blonde hair, it’s so fine and soft and smells so good!
The orange-infused cappuccino from LAMill Coffee.
Palm Springs: so close to LA, such a unique and magical place, we have many fond memories there.
Skype time with my beloved family and friends back home in the UK.
Coconut kale smoothies from Naturewell when I need a health boost.
AKID fur boots for Aura and my matching Acne fur boots.
Jeremy Scott for Moschino. He is taking fashion in a fun, new direction. So inspiring!
Walking around the Silver Lake reservoir near our home. So peaceful and calm, I always feel so rejuvenated.
Family weekend brunch, my favourite time of the week!
Sleep, I need more of it...



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