The Maternity Denim Line Every Pregnant Woman Needs |

The Maternity Denim Line Every Pregnant Woman Needs

If you’re pregnant, then this news is going to make your week: Hatch has collaborated with Current/Elliott on a new six-piece capsule collection. At the heart of the collection is the understanding that even though your body is going through some serious changes, it’s nice to be able to rely on your loved fashion essentials (hello comfy boyfriend jeans)...

With overalls, boyfriend and skinny jeans, as well as denim shirts with plenty of room for your growing belly, Hatch’s chic founder Ariane Goldman has all the basics covered along with some added functional benefits such as the inclusion of triangular hip darts, rather than the usual elastic maternity jean waistbands.

“We decided to forge new territory in the mama/denim space to give our mamas something they would want to wear: a high quality killer fit that would remain the same on-point piece style-wise from first trimester to third and beyond. Denim can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion – this collection is built from styles ranging from the boyfriend to the skinny, providing a modern approach to all-American classic styles,” she says. It also helps that swimwear designer and stylish LA mama Tori Praver stars in the campaign. Snap up these essentials before they sell out. Go to